You Need to Try the Little Bánh Khot Discs of Deliciousness at Kingsway’s Do Chay

You Need To Try This is a running archive of all the awesome drinks and delicious dishes we’ve come across over the course of our professional and private lives.

Looking for an inexpensive ($9) holiday for your mouth? Dig into the delicious Bánh Khot at Kingsway’s new Do Chay, which specializes in meatless and vegan Vietnamese cuisine. The totally sharable dish is all about little jicama and green onion rice cakes made with coconut milk and mung bean. They’re like little gifts for your face, especially when dipped in the supplied (vegan) Nuoc Cham “fish” sauce. Seriously, I could eat about 50 of these…

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  1. Very mixed results. One time you visit Do Chay, these are delicious, and the next, they are like chewing gummy coconut milk. Not very appealing.
    I hope they’ve worked out some issues since the last time I visited.

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