You Need to Try the Chef’s Catch Dinner at Coquille

You Need To Try This is a running archive of all the awesome drinks and delicious dishes we’ve come across over the course of our professional and private lives.

Since early Fall, Coquille owner/chef Lee Cooper has been hosting a monthly Chef’s Catch Ocean Wise communal table dinner and wine pairing. Each month’s offering features a different Ocean Wise ingredient and this past month the focus was on shellfish. From oysters to scallops to clams, each dish on the menu built on the next, deliciously showcasing just how bountiful our options are for shellfish in BC. My favourite of the night was the Salish mussel-loaded seafood risotto. The brightly coloured dish really elevated the classically aromatic combo of saffron and mussels, marrying the creamy texture of the rice with the subtle whisper of ocean brine. I’d eat it again and again if I could.

The next dinner in the series goes down on December 5th as Chef Cooper prepares a four-course menu featuring Dungeness crab.

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