You Need to Try This ‘Gingerbread Flip’ Cocktail in Gastown

Tuc Craft Kitchen’s Gingerbread Flip being strained into a coupe | Photo: Talia Kleinplatz

We are smack dab in the middle of prime eggnog season and many of the city’s best bars have been offering unique takes on the classic flip. For those that don’t know, the flip was originally a category of drink that incorporated beer, rum and sugar. Over time, a whole egg was added to the ingredient list, and beer has all but disappeared from modern iterations.

To sip on a rendition that deliciously embraces both the old and the new, you need to head over to TUC Craft Kitchen in Gastown and try their seasonal Gingerbread Flip. Both beer (a touch of 33 Acres of Darkness) and egg make an appearance, and all of the other usual suspects are present, including spiced rum, cream and some freshly grated nutmeg. The addition of ginger liqueur makes it all the more festive, while the dark lager adds whispers of dark chocolate and coffee — slightly bitter notes to be embraced in a drink that can often taste like dessert in a glass.

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