Aerial Footage of Thousands of Bourbon Barrels Lost in Kentucky Distillery Accident

I heard about this over the weekend but it needs to be seen from the air for the full scope of the tragedy to be comprehended. We’re talking 9,000 barrels of 1792 Barton — gone. Per CNN:

The building, which holds up to 20,000 barrels, was having a wall repaired. The collapse brought down half of the structure. Bardstown Police Chief Billy Mattingly said there was no one inside when the roof caved in, so no injuries were reported. It is unclear whether the bourbon spilled from the containers, but a nearby creek was of concern because of the structure’s position on a hill. Representatives from the state’s Department for Environmental Protection were dispatched to the scene.

That was five days ago. Sadly, hundreds of fish lost their lives when the leaking nectar found its way into the distillery’s source stream. Sigh…

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