New Knifewear Pop-Up Brings ‘Kent Of Inglewood’ Quality & Tradition To Main St.


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Vancouver, BC | Hand made axes, straight razors, beautiful high-end scents arising from a 300 year old tradition. On the surface these things may feel like they have very little in common, but there is a thread that winds through each of them. They tell a story of the person that uses them. The man or woman that enjoys fine things, who revels in self-sufficiency, and knows who they are and how they want to present themselves, that’s the Kent of Inglewood customer. Luckily, Vancouverites now have a Kent of Inglewood to call their own. Or, at least, a pop-up.

Kent of Inglewood have been making a name for themselves for the past two years. First by offering an alternative to cheaply made (yet somehow surprisingly expensive) disposable razors and aerosol shaving creams. Thought of by many as products of a bygone era, the folks there tell us that a well made safety or straight razor is much more economical over a lifetime, and that the beautiful shaving soaps and creams they carry can elevate a shave from a chore to a bit of well earned “me” time in front of the mirror. While it’s understandable that one might think that these products are only meant for men, owner Kevin Kent likes to remind us, “Women often have a *lot* more real estate to shave.” We can attest that many of the scents they carry — some created by one hundred year-old brands such as Trufitt and Hill, and three hundred year-old (!) Floris of London — would not be out of place in the medicine cabinets of men or women alike.


Despite their tagline, “Canada’s Shave Shop”, they are surprisingly much more than that. The Vancouver pop-up, while being a smaller, leaner version of their impressive stores, still boasts a wall of handmade axes from Wetterlings of Sweden, a full selection of pocket knives made in Canada, Norway, and Japan, and high-quality handmade ties from LVJ Haberdasher and Offal Goods, both based in Canada.

If you’ve been agonizing over finding the perfect gift for almost anyone on your list, you could do much worse than to drop by the Kent of Inglewood pop up shop inside Knifewear. Their friendly staff will be sure to offer you a wide variety of unique gifts… even if they end up being for yourself.

Learn more about Kent of Inglewood at



4215 Main Street, Vancouver, BC
Phone: (604)-215-1033 | Email:
Web: | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Hours: 10am – 6pm

Classes Offered (Please call or visit ahead of time to prebook)
Cut Like A Chef – Saturdays at 9:00 a.m.
Hand Knife Sharpening – Thursdays at 6:00 p.m.


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Owner and President: Kevin Kent
Operations Manager: Mike Wrinch



Knifewear sells crazy sharp knives that keep their edge longer than you ever thought possible. Japanese knives are made with harder steel, and because of this they stay sharper for longer. By bringing these knives to professional and home chefs, Knifewear creates happiness in the kitchen. No more squished tomatoes!

While working in London, at the famed St. John Restaurant, Kevin Kent, owner of Knifewear, developed a taste for exquisite Japanese blades. Upon moving back to Calgary he found there was nowhere he could indulge his new-found desire for them. Realizing he could help others find the same joy he found in the kitchen, he developed the relationships in Japan that allowed him to bring these shockingly great knives to Calgary. His first sales were to chefs, often from a backpack while riding across town on the company bicycle. Many great knives were purchased in the loading bays and back doors of restaurants, turning many of his friends into customers, but also customers into friends. In February of 2008, his first shop opened in Calgary. As of 2016, Knifewear has shops in four cities: Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Vancouver.

Performance at Knifewear starts where other knife stores top out. This means that their entry level knives are as good as the best knives in every other knife shop in Canada… and it only goes up from there. Japanese knives are also lighter than other knives, which makes them easier to handle and takes the struggle out of dicing and chopping.

Knifewear carries a huge selection of knives, the majority of them are handmade and many of these lines are never seen outside of Japan except at Knifewear. They are also super sexy, desirable works of art.

Never tried a Japanese knife? come by Knifewear and “test drive” one.

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