“Chocolate Arts” In Kits Set For Easter With Deep Roster Of Special Treats

Chocolate Arts is located at 1620 – West 3rd Ave in Vancouver, BC | V6J 1K2 | www.chocolatearts.com
Chocolate Arts is located at 1620 – West 3rd Avenue in Vancouver, BC | V6J 1K2 | www.chocolatearts.com

The GOODS from Chocolate Arts

Vancouver, BC | Vancouver’s Chocolate Arts chocolate shop and café is your one-stop shop for sweet surprises this Easter. Offering a tempting selection of edible artistry, from bite-sized confections to show stopping centerpieces, award-winning chocolatier Greg Hook lends the harried Easter Bunny a hand.

Chocolate purists will delight in Chocolate Arts’ high-quality cacao selection of solid, dark or milk chocolate eggs in a variety of sizes. Mini eggs are available in elegant 3-or-9-piece packages and optionally embossed with silly faces for the young at heart. For co-workers, friends and neighbours in need of a vacation, offer a tropical twist with limited-edition dark chocolate-coated Coconut Lime Eggs, filled with white chocolate, organic lime reduction and organic coconut milk ganache. For an element of surprise, let your Easter hunters crack open 40g and 240g chocolate eggs filled with either a single foiled solid chocolate or five mini chocolate figurines, and decorated with cocoa butter in your choice of several colourful designs.

For those who prefer hares over hens, Chocolate Arts provides the demure and decadent Fleur de Cao Bunny, made of silky single origin 72% dark chocolate. Also available from the rabbit warren is the charismatic Chocara Charlie, a handsome handcrafted chocolate bunny available in dark or milk chocolate, filled with five bestselling mini Chocara bars carefully crafted of house-made caramel, peanut butter and organic rice crisps. The adventurous chocoholic will enjoy the decidedly unconventional Pop Rocks Bunny made of rich milk chocolate and effervescent popping candy.

To complete the Easter menagerie, Chocolate Arts offers their aww-inducing chocolate Cheeps—dark chocolate eggs filled with a bright and playful house-made passionfruit marshmallow and decorated as plump chickadees—and the portly, wide-eyed chocolate Piggy, concealing a small fortune of foil-wrapped chocolate eggs in its generous potbelly. For the truly deserving, pick up a Chocolate Arts statement Signature Egg. Available in two sizes, in either dark or milk chocolate, they boast intricately decorated lids and are filled with a curated selection of assorted and seasonal chocolates and truffles.

Striving to cater to every palate and preference, Chocolate Arts’ wide selection of offerings range from the perfectly petite to splendidly substantial, with vegan options readily available.



1620 – West 3rd Ave | Vancouver, BC | V6J 1K2
Web: www.chocolatearts.com | Facebook | Twitter


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Proprietor & Maitre Chocolatier – Greg Hook



Since 1992, Chocolate Arts has quite literally been breaking the mold. One of the first chocolatiers in Vancouver to make their confections entirely by hand, owner and head chocolatier Greg Hook and his team have continued to set themselves apart as pioneers in the production of playful, innovative chocolate creations while remaining true to artisanal quality and traditions.

A born and bred prairie boy from Saskatchewan, Greg began his career as a cook, but quickly transitioned to pastry chef and finally to chocolatier in his desire to master every aspect of the culinary arts. As a lifelong student and insatiable experimenter, his calling ultimately lay in the complexities and creative possibilities offered by working with chocolate. With its ever-expanding and continuously evolving lineup of products (complete with vegan and vegetarian options), Chocolate Arts stands as a testament to Greg’s passion and his team’s dedication to creating high-quality confections that cater to every palate.

Located in the heart of Kitsilano, just steps away from Granville Island, Chocolate Arts is at once a shop and café, catering to the sweet-seeker, the gift-hunter and the hungry alike. Housemade sandwiches, pastries, coffees and chilled chocolate milk are made on-site daily, while a customizable hot chocolate bar allows guests to create their perfect cocoa. Summer brings Chocolate Arts’ decadent, one-of-a-kind ice cream bars, made entirely in-house, using only the freshest, local ingredients.

The first Vancouver chocolate shop to align itself with the local, sustainable movement, Chocolate Arts sources locally grown, organic and seasonal products wherever possible, including peaches, pears, pumpkins, berries, and hazelnuts. Avid experimentation and innovation ensures that the truest and boldest flavours stand out in their lineup of chocolates, truffles, bars, spreads and sculptures, effectively capturing the spirit and taste of British Columbia and the Pacific West Coast.

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