DINER: Third “Animal” Episode Sees Jeff And Jan Going To Town On Chinese Food

This is the third episode in a six part series from Animal New York that features the off-duty exploits of chef Jeffrey Ryan Creager (of The Beagle) and barman Jan Warren (of Dutch Kills). This time, the pair heads out to Congee Village in The Bowery for slurps of strong wuliang ye and bites of boneless chicken feet, duck tongue, spicy goose leg, pork stomach congee, congealed duck blood, frogs with chives, and more (including – pity – shark fin). Again, this show is not really suited for vegetarians, so if your sensibilities regarding the consumption of animals leans toward the delicate, you’d probably be better off watching Murder, She Wrote. View episode 1 here and episode 2 there.

There are 5 comments

  1. Poking fun at vegetarians is cheap in the context of today’s meat chic cuisine, at the very least it’s just lazy writing, but doing it in defense of two guys eating shark fin is just rude. Sorry Scout but this turned me off.

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