‘Stranger Wings’ Pizza At Chinatown’s New Virtuous Pie

Pizza is like a beautiful planet subject to a clockwork system of divine decadence orbited by the delicious likes of mozzarella, capicola, prosciutto, burrata, parm-reggie, and sausage. It might suffer the occasional asteroid or meteor (eg. melanzano, funghi, pesto, tartufo), but the impacts are absorbed, never resulting in absolute extinction.

Torafuku’s Hickory Smoked & Miso-Buttered Corn Pucks

Chef/owner Clement Chan splits a cob into pucks, smokes them with hickory, drenches them in clingy-thick miso butter (which pools fantastically at the bottom of the bowl) and attacks them with crispy tempura bits and green onions before dropping a few spice-tossed pieces of popcorn on top for giggles.