The Tri-Chop Sandwich Of Meaty Decadence At Dixies BBQ On East Hastings St.


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by Ken Tsui | The Tri-Chop Sandwich at East Hastings’ reliably delicious Dixies Authentic Texas BBQ is a messy thing of wonder. With wood-smoked meat being a rarity in this city (due to the lengthy, tedious permitting process), owners Shoal Davidson and Christina Cottell’s hard-won battle ensures that chef Alex Newton lights the wood-fired smoker bright and early every morning for some of the best (if not the best) BBQ in town.

Inspired by the legendary Hill Country style of Austin’s Franklin Barbecue, the Tri-Chop takes after The Tipsy Texan (a sandwich named after author and mixologist David Alan’s off-menu request). While you’d need a plane ticket, a lawn chair and almost half a day to brave the line at Franklin, Dixie’s has you covered in no time.

1. The sturdy, house-baked Challah inspired bun is split and gently toasted on either side for a crispy shell to a squishy, doughy core that’s ready to soak up all of the messy BBQ sitting in between.

2. The house-made BBQ sauce is Dixies’ secret weapon, a sweet and spicy nod to the Central Texas style it draws inspiration from. Truly moppable stuff that elevates the meat to a new dimension.

3. “Nitty gritty” Texas slaw of cabbage, carrot and pickled red onions adds levity to the sandwich with its vinegary tartness and sweet crunch. It peeks through the mounds of meaty goodness and is present in every bite.

4. The chopped brisket is gently smoked for seven hours before being swaddled in butcher paper to keep it all fall-apart unctuous till the moment it graces the bun.

5. The pork ribs are smoked with a trifecta of alder, birch and maple before being kissed with a special peach and chipotle glaze to finish adding a hint of extra smokiness to the mix.

6. Ground daily with a blend of pork butt and brisket trimmings, the hot link sausages are grilled and chopped up, giving the sandwich some extra toothsome fattiness.

$13 with tater tots | 337 E Hastings Street | 778-379-4770 |

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