Six Places To Indulge In Happy Hours That ‘Daylight Savings’ Can Never Take Away


by Ken Tsui | As we leap ahead this Spring Equinox weekend, we have the comfort of knowing that the worst of this damned Winter dreariness is behind us. Longer days are mercifully just around the corner! In a bid to stay positive about losing an hour of precious Saturday sleep in the spring forward, we’re looking at the glass half full — we’re one hour closer to Happy Hour! There’s no better way to celebrate that silver lining with a drink while digging into a few of our favourite Happy Hour snacks. Here are six options to check out…

Mamie Taylor’s


Monday – Friday, 5-6pm, Saturday – Sunday, 3-5pm | 251 East Georgia St. |

After a few Mamie Taylors (scotch, lime, bitters and ginger beer), these Ham Grenades are the kind of deep-fried deliciousness that drunken stupors are made for. At only $1 each during Happy Hour, this crispy, shredded blend of smokey ham hock, potato and cheese is exactly the right kind of crunchy/salty goodness that your buzz wants.



Daily, 5:30PM – 6:30PM | 217 Carrall St. |

It’s a first-come, first-served, cat-bird deal here as Happy Hour is limited only to the bar. If you manage to snag one, no trip to this restaurant would be complete without a cocktail and an order of their signature pan fried veal sweetbreads. The beauties are set on a bed of tangy sauce gribiche with toasted brioche. At half the standard $17 during Happy Hour, they’re a staggeringly decadent treat.



Daily, 5PM – 6PM | 162 Water St. |

In the pantheon of bar snacks, the scotch egg is an old standby, and chef J-C Poirier’s take on the British classic is arguably the best in town. From the unctuous yolk of the soft boiled egg—wrapped in house-made fennel sausage—to its crispy, golden, panko-crusted shell, the oval orbs give new meaning to the idea of good things coming in small packages. At only $5 during Happy Hour, having one or two alongside the grace of a beer or three is the plan.

La Mezcaleria


Tuesday to Sunday, 3PM – 6PM | 1622 Commercial Dr. & 68 E. Cordova St. |

Nothing makes me happier than a bubbling bowl of Quesito Fundito during the Happy Hour at La Mezcaleria. An $8 little brother to the restaurant’s signature Queso Fundito, this is a molten blend of Oaxaca cheese, mozzarella and Gruyère served screaming hot in a stone bowl with warmed tortillas on the side. Pro-tip: let it cool for a minute — a Happy Hour Paloma (El Jimador Reposado, grapefruit soda and lime) will keep you refreshed and occupied in the meantime.



Monday through Thursday, 5PM – 6:30PM | 646 Kingsway |

The Burger at Fraserhood’s Crowbar is an off-menu legend. It boasts a 6oz patty of 45 day aged brisket topped with rich taleggio cheese on a house-milled, house-made bun brushed with smoked pork fat and schmeared with chicken fat hollandaise. Previously ordered in hush tones, this tasty beast of a burger has emerged from the shadows and to find its place on the Happy Hour menu paired with a beer for $20. (UPDATE: from the comments we learned that it’s now served on a challah style bun with taleggio cheese and beef fat mayo)



Thursday and Fridays, 10pm until late | 615 Seymour St. |

Gotham does a late night Happy Hour (they call it “Social Hour”) from 10pm until late on Thursday and Friday nights. When the last live music set clocks out an in-house DJ takes over, spinning classic vinyl soul, funk and jazz. The specials are deep and varied, and include cocktails, beers, wine, champagne and snacks. Prime beef sliders sell for $4.50 each and orders of the restaurant’s famous cheese toasts are $5.

There are 3 comments

  1. Our burger has a challah style bun(which is baked daily) with taleggio and some beef fat mayo 😉 Cheers for the shout out!
    Yours truly

  2. Crowbar burger doesn’t come with fingerling potatoes! For the $22 you only get the burger!

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