DINER: Footage From The Cutting Room Floor At Chinatown’s Anticipated “Bestie”

Remember the fundraising video starring Clinton McDougall and Dane Brown, the pair behind Chinatown’s “Bestie” (a 25 seat sausage and beer joint at 105 East Pender due this March)? Their charming entreaty may have famously brought them over $10,000 in capital in just 5 days, but it also made possible this rather entertaining video of outtakes, which you can view with a giggle above (thanks Warren Lane Pictures).

PS. Bestie’s so-called “Magic Sausage Cards” can be purchased until midnight on December 31, 2012.

  • http://warrenlanepictures.com Mike Babiarz


  • Paul D

    Indiegogo outtakes count as news now?

  • Scout Magazine

    Only when they make you laugh.

  • Kari C

    Thanks for posting this! I laughed so hard and can’t wait to see Bestie open. It totally made my day.