DINER: The First Look Inside The Upcoming “Tacofino” Opening Soon On East Hastings

by Andrew Morrison | I paid Kaeli Robinsong and Jason Susman a visit at their Tacofino construction site the other day (2327 East Hastings next to Campagnolo Roma and across from Red Wagon). Their 50 seater might be almost two months behind schedule, but it’s looking good and I’m happy to report that it’s very nearly finished. I’m particularly digging the big light installation by designer Omer Arbel (some of its baubles will be lovingly stuffed with cacti by Olla in Gastown). I’m also loving the wood block tables and chairs that they sourced from Cooombs. As you can see from the shots above and below, it’s a very simple layout. Its plainness – I think – honours the brand’s beginnings as an unfussy food truck – one of my all-time favourites. They’re aiming to open during the second week of July.

The 1,350 sqft Tacofino will be licensed; its bar – befitting the Mexican theme – will specialize in tequila. Steve Da Cruz from The Waldorf has come on board as the opening GM and is the fellow responsible for the cocktail list. He’ll also be serving two beers from the Tofino Brewing Company (stoked for that). Da Cruz will stick around for a few months before handing over the management reins to the able Alfredo Garcza, who is also from The Waldorf. In the kitchen is chef Chris Dignan, who was for a long while a fixture at Victoria’s Cafe Brio. We can expect to see some original items from Robinsong and Susman’s much-loved food truck menu (mmm, fish tacos) together with some new, tapas-like dishes. Can’t wait.

  • Owners Kaeli Robinsong and Jason Susman
  • Owners Kaeli Robinsong and Jason Susman
  • The van (not a food truck)
  • The front window
  • Communal seating
  • The bar
  • Communal seating
  • Omare Arbel light installation
  • IMG_1843
  • IMG_1838 2
  • IMG_1842
  • IMG_1841
  • IMG_5489
  • Alfredo Garcza, Chris Dignan, Steve Da Cruz with owners Kaeli Robinsong, Ryan Spong, Jason Susman


There are 8 comments

  1. Congratulations Kaeli and Jason.
    Love the minimalist decor.
    Can’t wait to chow down on your yummy eats


  2. Wow looks like a hit already,,, Congratulations we are so happy for you Tacofino is the best ever..

  3. Hey, oh yeah! So great you guys! Way to go, I’m in next time I visit Vancouver! In the mean time, I’m telling anyone I know who lives there…

  4. So happy to hear of this. The neighbourhood is really “up and coming” now! We love the Red Wagon and Roma…and now Tacofino! We live up the road so will be regular customers I’m sure!

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