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VANCOUVER WOULD BE COOLER IF // It Hired Mexican Wrestlers to Enforce Our Mask Rules

Vancouver Would Be Cooler If is a column that advocates for things that either exist in other cities and/or could otherwise serve to improve and celebrate life in our own.

(via) This is not to advocate for violence against Vancouver’s small but persistently stupid crowd of anti-maskers who endanger us all with their devout denseness. Obviously, these enthusiastic lucha libre wrestlers in Mexico City’s Central de Abasto market are just having a little fun while reminding some of their forgetful fellow citizens to protect themselves against Covid. Still, here in Vancouver I wouldn’t mind seeing one of these oiled up studs dish the occasional body slam, pile driver, or flying elbow. It’s all fake, right? Really, I just like the idea of these guys roaming Skytrain stations and trains doing their thing, maybe even breaking up the occasional douchefest get-together in a Yaletown penthouse. A boy can dream.

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  1. White guy wants POC to deal with other white people because white people have no self control. Cool

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