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“London Pub” Nearly Finished At Main & Georgia In Chinatown


Here are a few photos of the nearly completed “London Pub” and neighbouring Brixton Caffe at 700 Main St (at Georgia in Chinatown). I’ve been passing this property every day for a couple of months now and it’s finally taking promising shape (we could use a fresh watering hole in my neck of the woods). As you can see from the unearthed mosaic, it was once upon a time the London Hotel. Lovely old bones. The brick archways are particularly nice. I reckon they’re about a month away. More after the jump…

IMG_2882 IMG_2876 IMG_2878 IMG_2877 IMG_2881 IMG_2879

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  1. Looks good…. hopefully it’ll wind up being like a cool pub in Shoreditch rather than a typical Vancouver one, i.e. no servers, no TVs, no tipping, decent DJs, casual, informal

  2. Oh yes! there isn’t much for good pubs near strathcona. I’m pretty stoked for this. Can’t wait.

  3. Who is behind this one? peaked into the spot several times the last while, it’s a beautiful space. Can’t wait to visit it.

  4. My guess is that it’s a Donnelly Group pub.

    When they closed down the Pacific Pub I figured it was because BC Housing had bought the building and had converted the rooms into supportive housing (specifically for drinkers). As much as I liked the Pacific as an alternative to the Brickhouse I understood that it was probably the right thing to do given the nature of the building.

    Nope. They’ve just replaced it with a bar that the people upstairs won’t be able to afford to drink at (or they blow their money even faster).

    I’m all for more bars in the neighbourhood, but I seriously question putting a bar in a government owned facility geared towards people with addictions.

  5. If it’s Donnelly forget it. They have single handedly turned interesting pubs and venues into mediocrity. I tried to like their revamped Lamplighter, the former Metro and others but the crowd, staff and general air about the place leads me to hope they die a quick death and are picked up by independent owners.

    This is really about a changed demographic in urban Vancouver. There was a large migration of people from the suburbs over the past 10 years. Like it or not they basically live up to the stereotype we’ve attached to them and all these bars reflect what they want. They simply want what television has trained them to want.

    I recall meeting someone at the Narrow recently who thought the place was weird. When I asked where they normally went it was basically the Donnelly handbook.

  6. I think that could be turned into a classy boston-style Irish joint serving full sized pints of Guiness.

    If I were you maybe some elegant,dimmed interior lighting and a kind of prohibition feeling.

    Neon lighting won’t do,maybe a slight flicker in the traditional form.

  7. `Hoping this shall open in time for my birthday (Oct. 29th). Looks like my kind of place, and Lord knows that I am sick to death of everything over in Kits! I also hope that:

    1. They keep bloody Pabst Blue Ribbon off the menu. PBR: When you care enough to tell everyone, “I’m a lemming, and like to drink shitty beer!”. (Bleech!)

    2. The hipster crew of Mt. Pleasant stays far, far away. You know: up in Mt. Pleasant, drinking their PBR (or Lucky!), needing a scrub behind the ears, and doing whatever “artsy, edgy” things hipsters do, when they’re not drinking PBR?

    3. That I’ll see YOU at The London Pub/Brixton, Andrew! Unlike hipsters, you’re cute. (But, please — don’t be one of those PBR drinkers!)

  8. I hope these Kits people just stay where they live, we don’t want you and your lulu lemon’s over here.

  9. I am pretty sure that the ever creative and splendidly odd “hipster” community of mount pleasant would really prefer that all of the lulu lemon (as earlier quoted), ugg boot wearing yuppy types from kits just stay where you belong over on the west side and let the east side remain as is with a cool looking joint opening up just down the street from us! Leave all of your gas guzzling breeding machines far far away please! oh and your uncreative, non-edgy or artsy attitudes too!

  10. “…hopefully it’ll wind up being like a cool pub in Shoreditch rather than a typical Vancouver one, i.e. no servers, no TVs, no tipping, decent DJs, casual, informal”

    Definitely no servers! That’s what has made the Rail such a great place all these years. What is this ridiculous Canadian obsession with having waiters? We can easily walk to the bar to order. And if it’s service they are after, then having people feel obligated to tip somebody isn’t really good customer service if you think about it.

    “The hipster crew of Mt. Pleasant stays far, far away. You know: up in Mt. Pleasant, drinking their PBR (or Lucky!), needing a scrub behind the ears, and doing whatever “artsy, edgy” things hipsters do, when they’re not drinking PBR? ”

    Best post on this page! But, you forgot one word to describe that lot, pretentious!

  11. Wait a second… This is for Kate…

    …I live in Strathcona and love it here. Let’s just say I got sick and tired of all the pubs in our East Van area and a pub in Kitsilano opened up.

    Would it make sense for me to want to come to this pub and expect/hope for the stereotypical Kitsilano person to not be any where near the pub, let alone inside?

    Would it make sense for me to not want a pricier, better quality beer that a rich kitsilano person can afford on the menu?

    Would it make sense for me to want the neighborhood Kitsilano people to go do whatever it is they do? Walk their super tiny dog around, maybe go get some botox while strutting in Yoga wear? All while keeping a smug attitude and not being creative at all????

    I don’t think so.

    Bottom line is that London Pub is located on Main Street, in Chinatown, which is beside Strathcona. This neighborhood will undoubtedly keep this pub alive and vibrant. I just hope that it is ran well. I can’t wait for an after work bite and beer.

  12. “no servers..” I pleased to report that there will be servers, pbr and art fags ijn attendance. Also I am glad of these things for the obvious reason that PEOPLE NEED JOBS and KATE: please stay away from my new work you disgusting narrow minded bitch. Why don’t you open your awn pub if you WANT TO SIP SO HARD ON THAT HATER-ADE

  13. Sounds like a set up to me. What employee in their right mind would call a potential customer a “narrow-minded bitch” and leave their name (modified though it might be). The FULL CAPS bit is a giveaway. $10 says the above comment is pure fakery.

    Also, no one cares.

  14. We went to London Pub tonight after eating at Phnom Penh restaurant on East Georgia Street. Great selection of beers here and a lovely server (Jasmine). Also the jukebox had a nice variety from Rock 101 oldies to Iron Maiden, Sum 41, and even King Diamond !!! I can’t wait to try the food once they complete the kitchen…… A much welcome addition to Strathcona / Chinatown neighbourhood. Good luck London Pub .

  15. Its a nice place however it should have Canadian or bud on tap for under $5 and serve good old fashioned burgers and frys.The renos are great as it used to be a real dive however other bars such as the brandize and the astoria have had major renos and are nolonger dive pubs and all serve can/bud pints for $3.00-3.50 and they have 40in widescreen tvs and new carpets and chairs and have touchtunes / pooltable as well.I hope in time the pub understands that main street is not west 4th ave or granville.

  16. First visit last weekend:
    Beer = expensive other than their own on tap. $8 for a pint of Boddingtons?! What!?!
    Like the dart board and juke box (other than could do with some better tunes – get on BBC radio for some current Brit music – Foals, the XX etc)
    Shoreditch comment is spot on … take note
    Kits people – stay in Kits
    YES – we should go to the bar 🙂
    Hope the food is good when it starts