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New Photography Book To Soak In The Diverse Stories Of Vancouverites

Two local photographers, Adam Schelle and Kev Holloway, have launched a kickstarter campaign to fund the completion of So It Is: Vancouver, their big, hard-cover, coffee table book about the people of Vancouver.

aak_d150204_7706_webTannis Ling of Bao Bei

The big, hard-cover, coffee table book is built around beautiful portraits of Vancouverites, shot at locations all around the city, each one accompanied by a write up. You’ll recognize some places and probably some of the people, but more importantly you’ll learn more about the people living here and how their stories, like those of every resident, are woven into the fabric of the city.

This book aims to show how all Vancouverites are connected to their space and to each other, and how together they drive the culture of their city and define their collective identity.

aak_d150204__webBrian & Linda Turko of Milano Coffee

Each of the subjects in the book is remarkable in one way or another. From a world renowned research doctor, to innovative entrepreneurs, to tech giants, to environmentalists, to young ambitious First Nations, to athletes, to restauranteurs, to social workers, the list goes on. But rather than coming across as a book set out simply to brag about who lives here, each of these remarkable people’s stories acts as an access point used to show a deeper view of the city’s culture and history.

Adam and Kev kicked off the photography process about 18 months ago, but the project as a whole has been in the making for 4 years. They’re now bringing the book into the public realm for the final, financial push to get it printed.

aak_d141127_9702_webAnna Farrant of East Side Boxing

Oh, and you may have noticed that each one of the subjects is soaked. That’s another thing Adam and Kev have added to each and every photo. They soak each subject prior to the shoot and purposely make them a little less perfect. It’s an obvious nod at the rain we all live with but more importantly it’s a metaphor for how this city is far more than the beauty that’s seen on the surface.

If you’re interested in learning more about the book and getting involved, head to their kickstarter campaign page at www.soitisvancouver.com.

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