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Gastown’s “Bambudda” Dishes Five Course Menu For $29, Awaits New Cocktails

Gastown’s Bambudda is located at 99 Powell Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-428-0301 | www.bambudda.ca
Gastown’s Bambudda is located at 99 Powell Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-428-0301 | www.bambudda.ca

The GOODS from Bambudda

Vancouver, BC | Gastown’s Bambudda restaurant is now serving up a special five course family-style menu featuring their signature dishes Sunday through Thursday evenings. At $29 per person, options will include bbq duck buns, chicken skins, nectarine salad, mushroom dumplings, and beef and broccoli. Expect a new summer cocktail list to debut during the 1st week of August. Learn more about Bambudda after the jump…



99 Powell Street | Vancouver, BC | V6A1E9
Telephone: 604 428 0301
Web: www.bambudda.ca | Twitter | Facebook
Lunch: Thursday and Friday, noon-2pm
Dinner: Tuesday through Sunday, 5:30pm until late (closed Monday)


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The People


Owner & GM – Ray Loy
Chef – Scott Korzack
Bar Manager – “Buck” Friend

About Bambudda


Bambudda has been a dream of mine ever since early adulthood. I grew up in Strathcona in the 70’s (five blocks from Bambudda), and I’m still living in the same neighborhood. Chinatown and Gastown were a big part of my childhood. I still remember $1.49 Tuesdays at Woodward’s, the original Save On Meats, and Golden Harvest Chinese Theatre at Main & Hastings, where my Mom used to take me for movies.

The cuisine at Bambudda combines elements of the food I grew up eating (either Mom’s cooking or restaurants in 1970’s-1980’s Chinatown) with modern French influences and interpretations in a contemporary setting. Bambudda has a private room for up to 20 people, a corner patio and bar seating with sliding doors that open up in the summer. The menu includes family-style share plates paired with an innovative, Asian-inspired cocktail list.

Chef Scott Korzack uses local, seasonal, sustainable and msg free ingredients to create unique and imaginative dishes. Our menu and cocktail list brings freshness and innovation to you every season of the year. – Ray Loy, Owner/GM



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