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“Save On Meats” Pop-Up Opening This Friday At 1 West Cordova In Gastown


by Andrew Morrison | As you’ve likely already heard, the Save On Meats operation is being downsized. With the new landlord, they’ve lost the commissary kitchen on the second floor, so they’re renovating the diner for the next three months to make the existing first floor kitchen space (and butcher shop) work. In the interim, regulars are invited to check out a Save On Meats pop-up in the No. 1 Noodle House location at 1 West Cordova. We’ve confirmed that – unfortunately – No. 1 won’t be coming back to the space (but it could pop-up in a smaller space elsewhere somewhere else).


The new Save On Meats pop-up will act as a test kitchen for perfecting the revamped eatery’s new menu. They’ll be launching with a new meatball sandwich on the weekly menu, for example, and taking comments from customers until they perfect the recipe. Burgers will be the same ‘Save On’ slap burgers, but with a long list of add-ons like grilled cheese sandwich bun, hot dogs, deep fried perogies, and so on. Take a look at the menu below…


Owner Mark Brand has retained the core staff, including Save On’s “barrier” program employees. The pop-up – which officially opens this Friday – will be open for brunch, lunch and dinner.


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