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Sipping the Last of the Summer Beer

We're not ready to let summer go, and neither is our beer writer, Carlos Mendes, who has picked 8 brews to toast its final week.

You Need to Try the Legendary ‘Pablo Esco Gnar’ IPA by Superflux and Boombox

The return of this epic collab between Superflux and Boombox is causing a ton of buzz and is tasting better than most of us remember.

Meet Cody & Clay Allmin, the Twins Behind Port Moody’s Twin Sails Brewing

Ever since they came onto the scene 18 months ago, Twin Sails has played a big role in BC’s craft beer trade. These are the guys behind it.

Get Your Celebrating Hands on a Bottle of Dageraad’s Delicious ‘Anno 2017’ Beer

Only a handful of bottles remain at the Burnaby tasting room and at select bottle shops around the Lower Mainland, so be quick about it.

You Need to Try Four Winds’ Delicious Reprieve from the Torrential Deluge

Want to remember summer nights foraging wild blackberries? Have a few sips of this delicious, limited release brew.

Drink this Now! Celebrating BC’s Hop Harvest with Some Delicious Fresh-Hopped Beers

There's a good reason why beer lovers call the hop harvest 'the most wonderful time of the year'!

Reflections On Another Stellar Friday Night at the Great Canadian Beer Festival

Carlos walks us through the first night of the 25th annual GCBF at Royal Athletic Park in Victoria, glass in hand.

Take a Long Sip of this Made-For-Summer ‘Raspberry Changeling’ from Brassneck Brewery

Like those long, lazy days at the beach and those warm nights under the stars, Raspberry Changeling is only around for a short while. Take advantage!

Five Minutes With David Bowkett, Powell Brewery’s Co-Founder & Brewmaster

The original momentum that propelled David and Nicole from nano to micro and carried them west along Powell Street shows no signs of abating.

Dageraad Finally Lands Lounge Endorsement, And There Was Much Rejoicing

With capacity increased to 50 seats, high ceilings, and a bright, open-concept design (complete with an upper-level mezzanine), the room is fantastic, and is a great place to while away the time (I'd suggest with a few glasses of their gorgeous new "Antwerpen" Abbey-Style Trippel).

Sipping On Cantillon & Duchesse de Bourgogne At The VCBW Belgian Showcase

On Navigating Memory And Very Good Beer At Toronto’s Bellwood’s Brewery

Brilliant, Food Friendly ‘Red Pilsner’ From Steel & Oak

Despite all the hop bombs, delectably balanced pale ales, and brett-conditioned saisons the organizers had secured, many of the bearded beer geek set in attendance preferred the nuanced charms of Occidental's perfectly executed Bohemian-style lager...

Six Minutes With Brent Mills, Co-Founder & Brewmaster At Delta’s Four Winds

‘Slam Dank’ – The Latest Killer IPA From Twin Sails

True to its name, 'Slam Dank' provides a great illustration of the common olfactory profiles these two genera share, displaying so much dank on the nose that you'd be forgiven for thinking it was dry hopped with a little something extra....

From Winter Warmers To Holiday Staples — Scout’s Twelve Beers Of Christmas!

Barrel-Aged ‘Reynard’ Oud Bruin By Strange Fellows

Whether you're savouring Hill's latest Oud Bruin on your own or serving it over the holidays with some Le Cendrillon Ash Chevre or a slice of Cadeaux's gorgeous Black Forest cake with sour cherry compote, Reynard won't disappoint.

What You Need To Know About The Permissive Modernization Of BCs Liquor Laws

From ‘Best New’ To ‘Best In Show’ – Scenes & Results From The BC Beer Awards

The Spot Where Brassneck Brewery Aligns With Local Artist Maggie Boyd

Reflecting On The Awesomeness That Was ‘Farmhouse Fest’ Out At UBC Farm

Bridge Brewing Co.’s Brilliant Side Cut North East IPA

With a full, well-rounded mouth feel and a resiny, grapefruity aftertaste, Side Cut makes a pretty strong impression, and is a brilliant intro to a relatively new (albeit disputed) "style" of IPA.

Exploring East Van’s Collaborative Brewery Incubator – Callister Brewing Co.

Pints, Tulips, Goblets, And Flights: Best Spots To Enjoy Amazing Beer In Victoria

The Rye Stout From ‘Doan’s Craft Brewery’ In East Van

With a mouthfeel that similarly starts out supple and rich, only to be cut by a firm, dry finish, Doan’s rye stout is an inventive yet honest take on a classic style that is well-deserving of its recognition as BC's best stout.

Cross Border Collab Crafts Brilliant ‘Common Winds’

lthough nearly sold out, word is that a couple remaining bottles of this super limited edition beer are still out there. I'd grab whatever you can find because epic collabs like this one don’t come around too often.

Detailing The Cool Crafting Of A Collision Of Art & Beer In East Vancouver

Yellow Dog Brewing Co.’s ‘Play Dead IPA’ A Rare Gem

It's maybe not what George Hodgson had in mind when he filled his first barrels with October Ale destined for the Subcontinent, but it remains a perfectly executed expression of a modern style that can be so delicious when done well.