Torafuku Launches ‘Moontail’, Asian-Inspired Bottled Cocktail Program

The Goods from Torafuku

Vancouver, BC | Moontail launched by Torafuku shakes up Vancouver’s cocktail scene with an all-new line of hand-crafted libations for the home. The bottled offerings curated by Steve Kuan, Torafuku owner and Wade Chou, Torafuku Bar Manager, creatively spotlight Asian flavours presented in familiar formats. Inspired by travels, childhood memories and collaboration, the duo’s creations successfully translate the experience of an expertly crafted to order cocktail.

Expect ingredients including dried fruits, plums and premium teas; the line features infused bases including makrut lime leaf infused sake in the Samurai Spirit and chrysanthemum infused gin in the Cloud 9.

Highlights from the line include a Hibiscus Penicillin. This scarlet-hued sipper spotlights the flower Kuan fondly remembers occurring in Taiwanese dishes growing up. His hibiscus syrup delivers a sweet and sour element that pairs well with the Irish whiskey base balanced with plum powder which adds a salty sweetness to the drink. The Aloha is a tropic temptation that aims to whisk patrons to warmer climes for those who prefer clear spirits. Here coconut-infused vodka is combined with fragrant pandan, herbal and nutty Maraschino liqueur adds depth and balances the bright cocktail.

All of the beverages come ready to enjoy straight up or over a large cube of ice, they also can be adjusted by adding a garnish of choice or splash of sparkling water. “Just avoid small ice cubes; we’ve experimented to perfect the dilution and preservation of flavours,” shares Chou.

The journey to create a shelf-stable and premium product was a passionate endeavour for the creative duo. “We’ve worked with some of these ingredients in-house, but creating a bottled product took a lot of experimenting and understanding of how to best extract flavours. Each ingredient had to be revaluated,” shares Kuan.

The bottles come outfitted with playful designs by Maggie Ikemiya, a local Japanese-Canadian graphic designer, illustrator, muralist and former staff member of Torafuku.

Moontail cocktails are priced at $18.00 per 236 ml bottle; each bottle serves 2-3 cocktails. Products can be purchased via the Torafuku website here.

Special Offer
To celebrate its launch, Moontail is offering 10% off its five-piece gift box from December 1-5. To redeem the offer enter code MOONTAIL10 upon checkout on the Torafuku website.

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