Who Makes Vancouver’s Best Fried Chicken Sandwich?

In this poll we ask readers to choose between Vancouver's four best fried chicken sando spots: Hundy, Downlow, Popina and Juke.
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Who Makes Vancouver’s Best Fried Chicken Sandwich?

In light of the fast food fried chicken sandwich debate that has distracted the USA from its current clusterfuckery I thought we might put a similar question to Scout readers.

Instead of focusing on fast food chains (eg. Popeye’s vs. Chick Fil-A), we’re going to do this properly with four homegrown spots: Juke Fried Chicken, Hundy, Popina and Downlow Chicken Shack. Vote in the poll below and remember that no matter who comes out on top, all four are ridiculously good…

2042 West 4th Ave.

The buttermilk fried chicken sando at this Kitsilano moonlighter (by day it’s Their There) reminds me of the KFC signature Big Crunch but with the quality quotient upped by a zillion…


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Popina Canteen
Ferry Dock, 1691 Johnston St., Granville Island

When four of Vancouver’s best chefs got together last year to build a short menu of comfort foods, consider it lucky that they chose a fried chicken sando as one of the pillars of the brand. Secret weapon: the honey hot sauce is damn fine!


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Juke Fried Chicken
182 Keefer St.

The standout taste of Juke’s gluten-free fried chicken is deliciously unique. I’d never tasted anything quite like the slaw-topped sandwich when I first bit into one back in 2016, and haven’t since.


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DownLow Chicken Shack
905 Commercial Dr.

What can we say about DL that hasn’t already been said? If you’re in the dark, they do the “Nashville Hot” style here, and it’s extraordinarily good. At the time of writing they offer five different sandwiches. Spice lovers go for “The Original”. Rookies go for “The Rookie”.


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Who makes Vancouver's best chicken sandwich?

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There are 22 comments

  1. I would like Juke Chicken more if it was white meat. Not a dark meat fan. Will have to try out Hundy. Have only been there for their beef burgers and didn’t know they branched out!

  2. Thanks for the catch. Author oversight — it’s one of my all-time favourite sandwiches! Copy/poll amended. Thanks again.

  3. Winner, winner, fried chicken sandwich dinner (or lunch) is definitely at Local Public Eatery.

  4. Love DL but agree with the previous comment that Frying Pan definitely deserves a mention! The extra spicy sando with fried egg is deadly.

  5. The write-up needs to be updated to say “all FOUR are…” And, actually, it should really say FIVE, because (as others have pointed out) Frying Pan is glaring absent, and, indeed exceptional.

  6. I live on THE island and I can only salivate reading about a chicken sandwich that I can only dream about. Lower mainlanders are spoiled with your food choices.

  7. Popina is the only candidate that uses Free Range Chicken. To me that is very important.

  8. You are not correct, Downlow Chicken (which in my opinion is the best) uses free range chicken always fresh never frozen

  9. Trying to share for friends to vote but looks like votes are open only at random times?! 😀

  10. Juke has the best chicken sandwich, hands down. Their slaw on top is to die for. Try it, you’ll love it!

  11. Is DL actually the best, or is that just what people told you to think? Maybe think again…

  12. Get off your high horse Kendra. DL isost certainly the best and that’s my opinion. Also pretty the first to popularise this style of chicken sando, most of these wouldn’t exist right now without DL’s influence and popularity.

  13. Good news about DL using cage free birds. I have had and loved their sandwich. It was great stuff.

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