La Taqueria Now Producing Organic Corn Tortillas

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La Taqueria Now Producing Organic Corn Tortillas

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Vancouver, BC | We are proud of our heritage and proud to offer an organic tortilla. Our tortillas are of the quality of those found in every small town in México – an authentic tortilla made of maize masa with the taste of our culture and the vehicle for everyone’s favourite fillings.

During the Aztec period, corn tortillas were consumed plain, dipped in a chili sauce (salsa) or stuffed with meats, veggies and other ingredients at local markets. It’s likely that the very first taco stands in America popped up during this time! The richness of our Mexican agricultural offering includes 42 different types of maize/corn. So naturally, tortillas became the primary staple food of our diet. Tortillas are the foundation of an endless list of classic Mexican dishes, but most widely used for the world’s favourite Mexican food: TACOS.

Every morning, at the Yukon St. location, we produce approximately 75 kg of tortillas. (And we use every single one of these every day!) For now, we’re not planning on offering tortillas for sale at retail, but we don’t discard the possibility of looking into it at a future time. Our goal is to provide the BEST TORTILLA quality we can produce locally: high in fibre, free of transgenics, free of preservatives and made with 100% whole organic corn from the highlands near Atlacomulco in the state of Mexico.

Authenticity is our motivation to continue offering delicious flavours, always with high-quality ingredients and sustainable practices.

At La Taqueria, we thrive on making people feel happy, loved and at home.

ABOUT LA TAQUERIA | Founded by Marcelo Ramirez in 2009, La Taqueria is a home-style Mexican restaurant inspired by traditional street taco stands in Mexico. Using local, organic, and sustainably sourced ingredients whenever possible, the eatery makes authentic tacos, burritos, and quesadillas with options of seafood, meat, vegetarian, and vegan fillings. Last year they implemented a cocktail program in 5 of their locations, and the result is an experience with great food and a unique ambient.

La Taqueria Pinche Taco Shop
322 W Hastings St.
La Taqueria (Yukon St.)
2450 Yukon St.
La Taqueria (Main St.)
2521 Main St.
La Taqueria (Hornby)
586 Hornby St.
La Taqueria (North Van)
1305 Welch St.

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