Put Your Stupid Phone Down and Drink Booze With Your Best Friends

Ugh. I’ve never been one to get teary-eyed over sentimental advertisements, but this Spanish one (with English subtitles) got me right in the feels today. Made by Madrid firm Leo Burnett for Galician coffee/cocoa liqueur, Crema Ruavieja, the TV ad is not only a masterful commentary on the degradation of human relationships as a consequence of our collective fixation with social media (and the devices that keep us hooked), but also on the finite, wholly calculable time we have left with the people we love and care about most.

While the ad doesn’t necessarily make me want to drink the alcohol that’s being promoted, it definitely makes me want to stomp on my phone. (I definitely wouldn’t do the latter unless I’d done plenty of the former.)

I’m not kidding. Right in the feels.

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