You Need To Try The Fully Loaded ‘Moose’ at Chewie’s Biscuit Company

We previewed the coming of Kitsilano’s new Chewies Biscuit Co. last month while it was still under construction, wondering if its biscuit sandwiches would be as good as, say, the insanely popular ones at Portland’s famed Pine State. After a few visits, I’m comfortable saying that they are. They might even be better.

There are nine different biscuit variations to try. To date I’ve done my professional best to get to know the biscuits themselves, trying them on their own; with sausage gravy; with spiced fried chicken, blue cheese dressing, cucumber and slaw; and my favourite, “The Moose”, which is comparable to Pine State’s “The Reggie Deluxe” in that it comes loaded with fried chicken, sausage gravy, cheddar cheese, fried egg and bacon.

The type is sort of the unofficial benchmark of the biscuit sandwich milieu, and as you can probably imagine from the photo above (that’s “The Moose”) … yeah, it has a lot going on. I’d like to try both it and The Reggie Deluxe again, but I think it might be superior to the Pine State original. And never mind the biscuits. The fried chicken is the star here; the crunchy, juicy, ridiculously tasty stuff deserving of a restaurant of its own.

But don’t just take my word for it, you need to try it for yourselves.

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There are 4 comments

  1. They skimp a bit on the sausage gravy on The Moose, whereas The Reggie Deluxe at Pine State is drenched in it.

  2. You can always ask for extra gravy. Or heck, even order a side (which is my gluttonous go-to love at both places), if you’re so inclined. It’s beyond worth it.

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