What the Backcountry Brewing Crew Listen to Keep the Good Times Going

Definitive Records asks interesting Vancouverites to scour their sonic-led memories to pull out the three albums anchoring their musical tastes. Full archive here.

For this edition we headed out to Squamish to check in with the team at Backcountry Brewing (who were “amped” to be involved — so much so that they even staged a cover album-themed photo shoot for this piece) and find out what you can expect to hear blasting from their speakers before, during and after hours…

Pain Killer – Judas Priest | LISTEN

Sean Reese-Ryan, Brewer:

“It may be early in the morning and you’re half asleep and hungover as fuck, but just flicking this song on gets you pumped and stoked and ready to move. It works for early morning brew shifts or even eight hour canning days. From the ripping guitar to the heinous vocals, this song is a must have on the list to slay any day and accomplish tasks at a fast, organized pace. These are the reasons for picking this song aside from it being the best song in the world!”

Battle Lines – Bob Moses | LISTEN

Tristan Leroux, Sous Chef:

“We love to play this track by the local BC boy duo Bob Moses when battling in the trenches during white out. Keeping the back of house moving, chopping and tossing dough in rhythm and on time is key in the tight quarters of the Backcountry Kitchen.”

Blister in the Sun – Violent Femmes | LISTEN

Sophia Feliciello, Assistant Manager:

“Upbeat folk punk that is perfect to slang beers to on hot summer nights and for dancing on the tables to after the customers have all gone…Plus the craft beer dads dig it.”

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