Enjoy September on Caffé Di Beppe’s New, Fully Licensed Curbside Patio

The GOODS from di Beppe

Vancouver, BC | Caffé Di Beppe is part of an exciting pilot study being put on by the City of Van. The CoV is testing the viability of curb side patios in urban areas. These patios use parking spaces rather than sidewalk space to encourage and create a sense of community. Caffe Di Beppe is one of four up and running test patios and we are incredibly excited to participate.

Enjoy September on our new Caffé Di Beppe patio. The patio is fully licensed, has a view of the heart of Gastown and room for 2 dozen of your friends. Enjoy a morning espresso and breakfast sandwich, a lunchtime pizza and salad or a happy hour lambrusco and snack.

The patio will be back after the winter months at the first sign of warm weather.


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