Keeping Warm Under Blankets of Heavily Detailed International Currencies

We’re a pretty satisfied bunch, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t covetous. Sometimes we see things out there that we just must have. Cool Things We Want is an archive of those earthly desires.

Kyrgyzstan “5 Som” banknote blanket detail | Photo: Hiller Dry Goods

Perhaps the only wonderful thing about counterfeit cash is that it has really pushed Treasury Departments the world over to get especially smart with their currencies. Integral to those efforts, of course, has been design. We love the detail that has gone into making money hard to replicate with convincing measures of exactitude, and so does Hiller Dry Goods, which has designed a series of blankets based on the incredibly beautiful design elements that grace legal tender.

“10 Swiss Francs” banknote | Photo: Hiller Dry Goods

Today’s fiat currencies are purely conceptual—a penny costs more to produce than it’s worth — yet they’re accepted the world over. It’s this ubiquity that makes it easy to overlook the beauty of their counterfeit-foiling complexity. With our currency blankets we have focused on specific design elements of our favorite banknotes from around the world, giving them new life in an ancient form.

The Austin, Texas company has crafted blankets using everything from Mexican Pesos and Swiss Francs to Hong Kong Dollars and Kyrgyzstani Soms. The cost is $189 (USD) per blanket. Browse the current selection below. Get yours here (sadly, no Canadian dollars).

  • benjamin_wall_square_wood_1024x1024@2x
  • bubu_wall_square_wood_1024x1024@2x
  • cowrie_wall_square_wood_1024x1024@2x
  • edith_wall_square_wood_1024x1024@2x
  • euler_wall_square_wood_f2ed02f2-6682-4654-bc17-9644296c306d_1024x1024@2x
  • harbor_wall_square_wood_1024x1024@2x
  • harbor_wall_square_wood_4907e806-28ec-4b0b-84b2-81b176593350_1024x1024@2x
  • solar_wall_square_wood_c569c370-9b05-4299-a51b-16355b13b474_1024x1024@2x
  • unity_wall_square_wood_1024x1024@2x
  • yerba_wall_square_wood_1024x1024@2x

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