Royal Dinette’s Chen-Wei Lee Picks His Three Foundational Albums

22151670529_675424d109_kphoto courtesy Royal Dinette

Definitive Records asks interesting Vancouverites to reach deep inside their souls to pull out the three albums that anchor their musical tastes. Today we hear from Chen-Wei Lee, manager at Royal Dinette. Known for his inexhaustible passion for food, travel and people, here he divulges the records that still get him groovin’ at work and shamelessly dancing with himself.

Andre 3000 | Speakerboxxx/The Love Below | LISTEN

“I’ve probably listened to this album front to back about 1000 times. “She Lives in My Lap” is probably my favourite song of all time. I would love to be able to sit down with Andre and get him to tell me what was going through his head when he made the album.”

Evans Pyramid | Evans Pyramid (1978-1994) | LISTEN

“This is a great album to work to. It cheers me up and puts me in my place. I’ve solo danced to “Never Gonna Leave You” too many times.”

J Dilla | Donuts | LISTEN

“Listening to this album gives me goosebumps. I remember when this album came out; I became obsessed with samples. I started digging and getting the whole discography of the artists used in the samples. I also fell in love with cheesy love songs because of this album. The cheesier, the better.”



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