Eateries Making The Best, Most Consistently Magnificent Pizzas In Vancouver


We listed Vancouver’s pizzerias a few years ago, but the landscape has changed enough since then to warrant another close look. This time, we’ve winnowed things down to establishments that just concentrate on pizza, and listed them in no particular order for our reader’s ranking consideration. Note that there are plenty of other good restaurants in Vancouver that make good pizza, but these ones are institutions that are singularly dedicated to the pie. And it shows.




A cozy, West Side family magnet from the people who brought us Wildebeest and Supermarine. Pies are made in a gas-fired oven, and informed by deliciousness rather than strict rules. Case in point: their green pea and ham pizza with truffle oil and taleggio cheese — hardly traditional, but so very damn good!

5395 West Blvd | WEST SIDE | 604-267-7499 |




Vancouver’s first-ever Vera Pizza Napoletana-certified pizzeria. They toe the VPN line like it’s gospel here, and the results are unimpeachably outstanding. If it’s your first time or fiftieth, go for the classic Margherita pie with real bufala mozzarella. So perfect and satisfying, every delicious time!

62 East Cordova St. | GASTOWN | 604-669-6985 |




Another VPN-certified pizzeria, this time tucked away in a residential neighbourhood with the prettiest wood-fired pizza oven you’ve ever seen. They do a quattro formaggi here that’s fantastic — made with fior di latte, ricotta, smoked provolone, and parmigiano. Bonus: one of Vancouver’s best hidden patios.

1190 Victoria Dr. | EAST VAN | 604-336-1803 |




Chef JC Poirier’s tiny Main Street establishment makes simple pies in a gas-fired oven, though you’d swear by the flavour and crust blistering that it was pimpled old school with hi temp wood. Aim for the impactful finocchiona with fennel sausage, provolone and peppers, and give it a lick of house chili oil.

915 Main St. | STRATHCONA | 604-681-9334 |




They do a pizza at Barbarella that has remained our favourite on the face of the planet for several years, and tradition be damned. It’s called the Hawaiian Punch, and it’s made with both bocconcini and aged mozzarella, hot capocollo, brown sugar-glazed smoked pineapple (Nonna weeps!), and grana padano.

654 East Broadway | FRASERHOOD | 604-210-6111 |



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  1. I’ve noticed this blog is slipping in some respects but none of us are perfect-however showing someone eating Pizza with a knife & fork shows serious decay.

  2. Hey Bill. Great feedback. FYI, they aren’t eating the pizza with a knife and fork, they’re cutting an uncut/unsliced traditional Neapolitan pizza just like they’re supposed to.

  3. Giving vague, hollow criticism of others’ work shows serious decay, especially when coupled with ignorant comments the reveal how unobservant you are. You owe Scout an apology and you should otherwise shut the fuck up.

  4. As Good as all these places are, Pizza Carano on Fraser strret really needs to be on this list. Perhaps Vancity’s finest pies, and the service is exceptional as well.

  5. Although it’s technically not in Vancouver proper, Spacca Napoli in Port Moody is one the most authentic family owned Napoli style pizzas in the GVRD. From the proper oven to the serving style (un sliced) and condiments (chile oil). All the right stuff to make it worthy of this list.

  6. Surprised you wouldn’t include Corduroy Pie, which at this point I would say is better than any of the above options. If you haven’t tried it you really gotta go! Carano should also be on the list, but not as good as Corduroy 🙂

  7. Carano definitely deserves to be on that list.
    Honestly surprised how short your list is! I come to Scout to find new places and trust y’all are helping promote awesome Vancouver spots. Someone is slacking!

  8. These are great suggestions to vote on pizza. However, it seems very biased as only restaurants that are members of the Scout community seem to be on the list. If this blog is really based on “Eater 38” would it not include all the ‘good’ pizza restaurants (members or not) within the city?

  9. Not all of these are/were members when this was published…er…three years ago. Also, lists like these really aren’t influenced by who is and who isn’t a member of the Scout Community. If you think there’s a local pizzeria that’s better or as good as one of those listed, just say so.