On One Buck Bottles Of Wine & High Praise For Whistler’s Bar Oso


by Talia Kleinplatz | Hey, remember our steakhouse-owning hero in Kentucky who banned Donald Trump from his restaurant? Thanks to angry hoards of Trump-supporters (and one death threat), that ban has now been lifted. Sigh.

And speaking of the presidential candidate everyone loves to hate, a new study shows that his plan for mass deportation could result in serious issues for American agriculture and food supplies, so…

High praise for Whistler’s Bar Oso from Vancouver Sun’s Mia Stainsby. From the sounds of it, the charcuterie board is not to be missed.

Ever wonder what one dollar will get you in other parts of the world? Spoiler alert: in Hungary, for example, a buck gets you a bottle of wine.

The West End’s Amici Miei gets rave a review from the Globe & Mail’s Alex Gill (specifically the gnocchi and spaghetti pomodorino).

With the rapid onset of a full-fledged gin revival, Vancouver Is Awesome shares some interesting facts on the juniper-infused spirit.

Who knew that the best food puns could be found on this Twitter account from Minneapolis. Weekend at Bearnaise and Game of Chicharrones? Pure gold!

With one simple formula, a world of cocktails opens at your fingertips.  Ladies and gentleman, Food52 breaks down The Sour.

A most interesting explanation of the history of bagged milk, which, by the way, I had no idea was a uniquely Ontario thing.

The second best news I’ve heard all week, this lovely gentleman has brought back Bonkers and Tart ‘n Tinys. Be still my 7-year-old heart!

The best news? Juke is on track for a May opening. Mmm, fried chicken and ribs in Chinatown!

Anyone making the trek to the midwest this summer? For one weekend only, Chicago’s annual Windy City Smokeout will be playing host to some of the best BBQ joints across the country.

Scout’s Treve Ring hangs with Michael Bartier of Bartier Bros. to learn a little more about a special bottle of Merlot.

As if podcasts weren’t already blowing my mind, this week Bon Appetit’s Adam Rapoport sits down with The New Yorker’s David Remnick to talk bagels, lunch with the POTUS, and smoked fish.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring. Lots of cool opportunities this week. To wit, the general manager position at Bao Bei is currently open and there’s a production manager job available at Earnest Ice Cream!

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  1. It is not uniquely an Ontario thing! First line of the article: “Ask a Canadian if they drink milk from a bag and, depending on which end of the country they’re from, you’ll get a different answer: Canadians from the east (especially Ontario and Quebec) will say, “Yes, doesn’t everyone?…”.

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