Oysters, Sausage & Wine Under The Night Sky At Le Marche St. George


Janiki, Klee, Pascal (and even wee Lola) and the staff at Le Marche St. George always convey such genuine warmth and friendliness that you never really feel like a ‘customer’ at the tiny community cafe. It’s more like you’re dropping in to visit friends and you get to score a good cup of coffee (or that amazing Nutella crepe, depending on how you roll) while you’re visiting. So whenever there’s a chance to attend any of the events that they do so well, people jump.

The opportunity comes this month with an evening of oysters, sausages and wine in the garden behind the shop. Do yourself a favour, mark the time as committed on your calendar, buy a few tickets, and invite a few friends to along, because it will be magical. Expect D-Original Sausages, oysters by Curious Oyster (pictured above), and perfectly paired wine from BC Wine Studio. Proceeds go towards the construction of a neighbourhood playground for local kids to enjoy. Little ones with good places to play end up being better humans, and that’s something everyone should want to get behind!

Sat, June 20 | 7:30pm | Le Marché St George (E 28th Ave @ St George) | $85 | DETAILS


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