Vancouver Would Be Cooler If It Had A Quality Pizzeria Floating In False Creek


(via) On of the most remarkable (and delicious) aspects of Vancouver’s meteoric rise as a food city has been the quick elevation of its pizza game. It went from just one or two mentionable establishments to a couple dozen in less than a decade. The scene is so stacked these days that it would be seriously tricky to improve upon it.

Enter Fiji’s floating pizzeria, Cloud 9. Located 40 minutes by boat from Port Benarau, the stunning eatery not only boasts an incredible location, but also a proper wood-fired oven so it can serve up real-deal Neapolitan pies (even gluten-free ones). Bonus: a fully stocked bar. We’d love to see a seasonal version of it floating in False Creek, accessible only by canoe, kayak, or dragon boat. Because surely we can do better than the McBarge


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