COOL THING WE WANT #393: “A Visual History Of Typefaces And Graphic Styles”


Are you a typeface lover? Check out this two volume set Type. A Visual History of Typefaces and Graphic Styles from Taschen. Volume 1 covers 1628 to 1900, and Volume 2 goes from 1901 to 1938.

This book offers a connoisseur’s overview of typeface design, exploring the most elegant fonts from the history of publishing. Taken from a distinguished Dutch collection, this exuberant two-volume edition traces the evolution of the printed letter via exquisitely designed catalogs, showing type specimens in roman, italic, bold, semi-bold, narrow, and broad fonts. Borders, ornaments, initial letters, and decorations are also included, along with lithographic examples, letters by sign writers, inscription carvers, and calligraphers.

We eyeballed it when it first came out in 2009 but we haven’t seen a copy since except online. We’d much rather purchase it from a local bookstore (ever the hunt) than have it arrive in a wrapper on our doorstep, so if you see a copy (ideally both volumes) around town and don’t pick it up for your own enjoyment, please give us a shout!


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