GOODS: Railtown’s “Two Chefs & A Table” Set To Plate Special Menu For Greek Day

Two Chefs And A Table is located at 305 Alexander Street | 778- 233-1303 |

The GOODS from Two Chefs And A Table

Vancouver, BC | Greek Day is one of Vancouver’s great summer celebrations. Wandering past the dancers on Broadway on a summer day is one of the rites of passage to becoming a full-fledged citizen. This year, we turned Two Chefs and a Table‘s resident Greek chef Christine loose on a menu to help us celebrate Greek Day in our own delicious way. The menu she created leans heavily on classic Greek fare like Rabbit, Kalamari, traditional Loukaniko sausage and will be paired with Greek Wines and traditional drinks like Retsina, Lemonada and a Mextaxa-based cocktail. The five-course menu is being launched on Wednesday, June 20th and will be served each evening through to Friday. Menu after the jump…

At only $75 for all five courses including drinks, even the banks would approve! Call 778-233-1303 to reserve your table.

Greek Feast Menu

Amuse: Traditional Loukaniko sausage w/fresh herb salad

First Course: Smoked Feta and Village Salad–tomato, bell pepper, cucumber, Greek oregano
Paired w/ Greek Lemonada – Ouzo, fresh lemon juice, tonic

Second Course: Stuffed Kalamari and Grape Leaf–golden raisins, capers, dill, egg-lemon sauce
Paired w/ Boutari Santorini (White)

Third Course: Grilled Octopus with Tzaziki & fried chickpeas
Paired w/ Kourtaki Retsina

Entrée: Braised Rabbit w/ Haloumi & Ouzo Phyllo Parcel–fennel, ciopollini onion, fig & red wine reduction


Grilled Halibut and herbed Orzo w/green beans, house-made myzithra cheese, green leek sauce
Paired w/ Boutari Grand Reserve 2004

Dessert: Halva and honeycomb-toasted semolina, almonds and sesame, Greek yogurt
Paired w/ Greek Lady Maramalade: Metaxa, lemon, fig syrup, egg white


305 Alexander Street, Vancouver BC. V6A 1C4 | MAP
Telephone: 778- 233-1303
Lunch:   11:30am-2:30pm Monday-Friday
Dinner: 5:30-10pm Wed & Thurs | 5:30-11pm Fri & Sat | 5-9pm Sun
Brunch: 10am-2pm, Saturday & Sunday



With one eye on the wonders of its spectacular setting and the other turned to the bustle and cosmopolitan energy of the city, Vancouverites have shaped a unique lifestyle that includes indoor and outdoor pursuits. Then menu concept at Two Chefs and a Table mirrors this balance, combining techniques from classic French cuisine with superb locally ingredients and influences from Vancouver’s broad cultural mosaic.

Two Chefs and a Table creates food to satisfy all sides of this fantastic city: from the casual to the classy, the sporty to the serious, with dishes which span lusty simple tastes and textures to more complex preparations—always delivered with flair, passion and precision.



Karl Gregg and Allan Bosomworth, the Two Chefs who give the restaurant their name, have 30 years of culinary experience in fine dining and superior high-volume restaurants in Vancouver. Karl studied in the culinary program at VCC and went on to management positions at Spectra Hospitality Group and Milestones. Allan studied at Dubruille School of Culinary Arts before honing his craft in kitchens throughout Vancouver such as Lumiere and Red Door Pan Asian Bistro. Together, they developed and opened the kitchen at Whineos on Granville and they have acted as consulting chefs on other projects in the Lower Mainland and British Columbia most recently, developing the menu and leading the kitchen at The Keefer Bar.


Gastown is the new hub of Vancouver’s culinary community and neighbourhood has been energized by the influx of culinary talent drawn to the affordable, heritage spaces. The community of chefs in their neighbourhood has created a dynamic energy with chefs stopping by each other’s kitchens to taste and talk shop. It’s a great place to be a foodie!

Two Chefs and a Table is set on the eastern edge of Gastown in Railtown, a transitional residential and warehouse district not unlike the Meat Packing District in Manhattan or Clerkenwell in London. Their airy high-windowed corner space provides a slice of life viewpoint on the goings on in Railtown from the gritty to the mundane.

In the do-it-yourself spirit of the neighbourhood, the Two Chefs partners visualised and renovated their restaurant with help from friends and associates. The result is nothing short of inspired with a clean bright look which emphasizes the high ceilings and open kitchen. Original works of art add colour to the space while a handmade glass light fixture sits above the Chef’s Table which gives the bistro its name. This solid 8 person table is the centre of gravity in the dining room, whether for parties, communal dining or menu tastings and consultation for catering clients.


Two Chefs and a Table builds all their menus on the freshest local ingredients sourced from farmers markets and the best suppliers in the region.

Two Chefs and a Table is open seven days a week to serve their neighbourhood and the savvy Vancouver diners who have put the bistro on their top spot lists. Along with the a la carte menus which are updated periodically to reflect the tastes and produce of the season, Two Chefs always features a fresh sheet and a set menu for dinner which includes inventive dishes made with the best fresh market finds and special deliveries from suppliers.

In general, the Lunch and Brunch menus focus on classic comfort foods, made with fresh ingredients and care to satisfy  simple local residents and quick worker appetites. The lunch and brunch offer phenomenal value with almost all dishes below $10. In the evening the menu gets more complex and inventive as the chefs give full rein to their expertise and creative flair. Examples of Two Chefs signature dishes for each meal include:


Croque Monsieur: grilled fresh baguette, french dijon, brie, roasted chicken, bacon.
Mac n Cheese: 4-cheese sauce and sharp cheddar crust with salad or fries.
Spinach Salad: spinach, bacon, applewood cheddar, red onions, vine ripened tomato, honey lime dressing.


Grilled Polderside Lamb: herb marinated, fire grilled, spiced apple relish, wild rice, roasted carrot/
Local Spot Prawns and Scallops: butter poached, lemon risotto, asparagus, fine herb salad.


Polderside Omelet: roasted chicken, spinach, vine ripened tomato, brie, whole grain toast.
Oyama Saucisson Scramble: Oyama French style sausage, heirloom tomato, spinach, goats cheese.
Monsieur Andre’s Brunch: butcher block charcuterie & local cheese in grilled sourdough, over easy egg & parmesan hollandaise.


All told, there’s not a single thing I dislike about the place, and there are plenty of reasons to return, not least of which is the five-course chef’s table meal…Two Chefs and a Table (is) a smartly run and very sexy little restaurant that oozes a palpable sense of ability and poise.” — Andrew Morrison, The Westender

“…a tall, airy space with wide, French paned windows, a polished wood floor and crystal pendant chandeliers hanging from wooden beams…We love the chalkboard framed in gilt, the narrow cubbyhole of a washroom that soars at least 15 feet high and the haunting mural of old grape vines drawn right onto the wall.” — Alexandra Gill, The Globe & Mail

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