On Amazing Burgers And What Trump Means To Restaurant Labour


by Talia Kleinplatz | Check out what happens when you put 20 of the best chefs in the world in one kitchen and task them with creating 40 new recipes in 16 hours.

Time to say goodbye to one of the largest patios in the city. After 11 years in business, Gastown’s Chill Winston will shut its doors for good in late September.

In Tokyo, elderly patients with Dementia are staffing the FOH of a pop-up restaurant so that “every order is a surprise”.

Scout sits down with The Arbor’s chef, Rob Clarke, to talk favourite albums, most memorable meals and the best things about cooking.

Eater’s Rachel Khong takes a West Coast road trip completely dedicated to all things oysters.

A local advocate is encouraging food banks to change their ID requirements as many vulnerable, homeless residents don’t have identification and are unable to afford to purchase one.

Scout rounds up some of the hottest new restaurant in Vancouver that are living up to their hype, including Fayuca, Botanist, and Nemesis Coffee.

In the midst of food guide revisions, the Canadian government is considering a widespread ban on advertising unhealthy foods to children.

Local bartender and Bittered Sling co-owner Lauren Mote is named the world’s first Global Cocktailian with Diageo Reserve.

The much anticipated Lucha Verde opened this past week in the old Lolita’s spot, serving up Veg-Mex fare and a selection of craft cocktails.

What was supposed to be a one-off dinner has grown into a successful monthly pop-up where Syrian refugees share their cuisine with Vancouverites.

In a bizarre if not incredibly creative act of defiance, a prison worker in Tulsa was busted for attempting to smuggle a drug-filled burrito into work.

Esquire rounds up the best whiskies in every state. Pro tip: if you’re heading south consider picking up a bottle of Westland in Washington or Westward in Oregon!

The disappearance of some crucial franchise guidelines from the Labour Department’s website has many worried that protections for fast food workers might be under threat under the Trump administration.

Female chefs and restaurant owners share their best advice on working in the industry as a woman.

A war of sorts has put Camembert on the endangered cheeses list as a battle over unpasteurized traditions threatens the production of the much sought after product.

The Globe and Mail shares their picks for some of the best burgers in Vancouver including The Monarch at The American and the bacon cheeseburger at No. 5 Orange.

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to @yvreats and this delectable key lime pie!

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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