GOODS: “Meet The Butcher Mondays” And Special Boucherie Feasts Set For Big Lou’s

Big Lou's Butcher Shop is located at 269 Powell Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-566-9229 |
Big Lou’s Butcher Shop is located at 269 Powell Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-566-9229 |

The GOODS from Big Lou’s

Vancouver, BC | Some people may choose to make their Mondays Meatless, but if that’s not your idea of delicious, Big Lou’s Butcher Shop is inviting you to “Meet the Butcher Mondays.” Each Monday from 6-7pm, we will highlight different areas of our expertise with complimentary product tastings and the chance to meet and greet our team for tips and talk. The culmination of this series of events will be the first Big Lou’s Boucherie Dinner, which will be held in the Butcher Shop on Thursday, July 11th.

The Big Lou’s Butcher Shop product development team includes two butchers and two chefs, each specializing in specific areas of the butcher shop and deli arts. On each night, the team will be on hand to discuss where the inspiration for new recipes comes from, the process of developing and tasting new items along with a range of product samples to taste and explore.

The dates and themes for the evenings are:

June 25th: Sausages & Pâtés
July 8th: Meat Pies & Take Home Dinners
July 15th: Sandwiches
July 22nd: Charcuterie & Accompaniments.

We’re also pleased to announce our first Big Lou’s Boucherie Dinner on July 18th. This four-course paired dinner will be held in Big Lou’s for an intimate group of no more than 12. The theme for the first dinner is “All About the Smoker” and each course will be built around something prepared in our smoker. This dinner costs $75 per person with paired drinks with each course (including tax and gratuity). Call 604-566-9229 or email to reserve. Menu after the jump…

“All About the Smoker” Menu

First Course
Smoked Fish plate: house smoked Tuna, Trout and Dad’s Salmon with crème fraiche, toast points & pickled summer vegetables
Paired with: Roaring Twenties Sauvignon Blanc

Second Course
Smoked Duck Carpaccio: house smoked local Duck, roasted and sliced with a fresh citrus marmalade
Paired with: Roaring Twenties Merlot

Smoked Odds and Ends: Pork Hock Cakes, Pork Ribs and Beef Tongue Pastrami with roasted vegetables, new potatoes, asparagus & mushroom barley
Paired with: Bourbon Sour

Smoked almond and maple brittle ice cream
Paired with: Port


269 Powell Street | Vancouver, BC
Telephone: (604-566-9229
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The People

Proprietors: Allan Bosomworth & Karl Gregg
Operations Manager: Mark Ignacz
Chef De Cuisine: Aaron Chan
Retail Manager: John Currie

About Big Lou’s Butcher Shop

Located in a bright heritage storefront at the corner of Gore and Powell Streets, Big Lou’s Butcher Shop has brought traditional European boucherie-inspired butchery and preparation to Vancouver’s East side culinary community and residents. Big Lou’s combines a retail butcher operation, a New York-style deli sandwich counter, boucherie-based catering services, butchery classes and a unique event and dining space into one place.

In a tribute to old world butcher shops, Big Lou’s Butcher Shop supplies a diverse selection of meats from award-winning local suppliers like Polderside, Pemberton Meadows, Sloping Hills and Two Rivers along with seasonal game and imports. The shop is hands-on, with a focus on head-to-tail butchery and in-house handmade products like sausage, charcuterie, stocks and sauces–all made as much as possible using our own home-grown herbs. The guiding principle throughout is to have all processing done in house under the watchful eye of our team. To serve the full spectrum local residents, Big Lou’s Butcher Shop also stocks a selection of certified meats and poultry alongside the small farm choices to offer the widest range of price points to customers.

Led by chefs Karl Gregg and Allan Bosomworth, Big Lou’s Butcher Shop is in the traditional butcher shop style with an in-house cutting area, large display case and expert staff crisply-dressed in traditional oxford shirts and aprons. Along with meats, the product offering also includes an ever-changing menu of house made fresh sausages, charcuterie, pates, stocks, gravies, demi-glaces, and other dressings and ingredients. The focus on rubs, marinades and grilling accompaniments makes Big Lou’s the one stop for expert advice and quality ingredients before any BBQ.

The sandwich counter is dedicated to true deli-style sandwiches built around traditional cooked, cured and smoked meats. All the sandwiches are built around great flavours built into fresh breads and detailed authentic recipes. Reflecting the diversity of the City, sandwich favourites include the Banh Mi and Bulgogi Chicken alongside classics like in-house made Pastrami, Porchetta, Roast Beef and Meatball.

Big Lou’s Butcher Shop also offers catering and butchery classes The catering is based on the deli menu and also includes with a range of custom menu options and special requests. Big Lou’s is also available for event including reception style or seated dinners in the great naturally-lit, character shop space. The market-driven menus will emphasize rustic French and Italian tastes and focus on integrating fresh, sustainable Pacific Northwest ingredients into those two great food cultures. Butchery classes span sausage-making and basic butchery to whole carcass work and game butchery.

Butchery is again at the forefront of food culture in Vancouver and Big Lou’s has been a leader in reintroducing traditional, artisanal butchery skills to Vancouver’s vibrant food scene.

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