SEEN IN VANCOUVER #432: Cactus Club To Open Its (Who’s Counting?) Location Today

At 5:00pm this afternoon (Wed), the Cactus Club will open its new 500 seat Coal Harbour monster, complete with 200 seat patio and 40 seat private room. Sadly, there is no truth to the rumour that this location (the 23rd) also includes a secret 55 seat pre-shift beauty/tanning salon underneath the dining room (built for the exclusive use of the staff). I know this because I invented that rumour. Just now. To celebrate the opening and Cactus Club’s 25th anniversary, the Olympic Cauldron will apparently be lit from 6pm to 10pm tonight. What the….why? Because stop asking questions and sing the anthem, traitor.


  • Cam_13

    And the douchebags rejoiced…

  • Liam

    Why are people that go to certain places douchebags? That shitty attitude actually makes you a douchebag, bro. Try to be a little open minded, people may actually start talking to you.

  • chungbot

    U mad bro?
    He mad.

  • YeaYeaYea

    I think this building is gorgeous, great job to whoever designed it. Love the living room, and how it compliments the convention centre.

    Great stuff!

    I agree with Liam, nothing wrong with casual restaurants and those that choose to participate in what they have to offer. I choose not to as much, but that does not make me a better person by any means.


  • rr

    ^^ what yeayeayea said. where you eat doesn’t a douchebag make.

  • giselle

    a tanning salon!?!

    great location but i will never go

    the lighting of the olympic torch to ‘celebrate’ the opening of a crappy chain restaurant is ridiculous

  • Lindah Vaginablister

    Can anyone tell me why i should give a fuck about this ?

  • Mr Paywall

    Rumour is that the torch will be used by Rob Fennie for a new Yam-Fried Stuffed Roasted Chicken. Uber excited!

  • ECHO

    It’s not going to Cactus Club that makes you a douchebag, it’s just that every single douchebag in existence happens to LOVE Cactus Club. Hence, the douchebags rejoiced… Right, bro?

  • Ciaran

    They’ve never lit an olympic torch for Applebees. Poor Applebees.

  • Cam_13

    What Echo said…

  • SL

    I think they stole the sign from Save on Meats…

  • Art

    I’ve never been, I never will go, the food is mediocre at best and way too expensive for what you get. It saddens me deeply how many of these chain restaurants are around and how they always seem busy. No accounting for taste I suppose. But the effing Olympic torch? Was mayor moonbeam in on this one?

  • David

    Art…you’ve never been and you’ll never go, but somehow you know it’s expensive and the food is mediocre? You have food ESP I guess.

  • Art

    No, but I have seen the menu. They’re everywhere and I might be in a neighborhood where they are and have a look. I’ve cooked for many years d-bag so I have an idea what I’m talking about.

  • Thomas

    Art, you were able to able to ascertain that “the food is mediocre at best” by having “seen the menu”?

  • Thomas

    I’ll throw you a bone here, Art.

    Was it the font that turned you off; perhaps the overuse of lowercase characters?


    double braised pineapple hoison short rib – pineapple ginger glaze, shiitake mushrooms, korean chili sauce, mashed potatoes, snap peas.

    thai red curry pacific lingcod – seared ocean wise™
    pacific lingcod, thai red curry sauce, coconut almond rice, crispy wontons, micro cilantro.

    butternut squash + prawn ravioli – artisan made butternut squash and mascarpone ravioli, truffle butter sauce, sautéed jumbo prawns.

    jack daniels’ ribs – slow-roasted with j.d. bbq sauce, mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables.

    soy dijon ocean wise™ salmon – whole grain barley, sugar snap peas, marinated shiitake mushrooms, grainy mustard and soy butter sauce.

    fajitas – black beans, salsa fresca, grilled cajun vegetables, sour cream, cheese, lettuce. cajun chicken | portabello mushroom

    blackened creole chicken – spicy creole butter, mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables.

    rob’s hunter chicken – portabello, crimini, button and shiitake mushroom demi-glace, herb fingerling potatoes, green beans.

    prawn spaghettini – pan seared prawns and roasted tomato sauce, fresh herbs, parmesan crostini.

    szechuan salmon – ocean wise™ steelhead, miso mustard, broccoli, edamame, red peppers, snap peas, daikon and pea shoot salad.