DINER: “The Shameful Tiki Room” Opening In The Old Montmartre Spot On Main Street

by Andrew Morrison | Well, this has been a long time coming from left field. Rod Moore – he of East Pender’s Modern Bartender – is set to open the restaurant that he’s been dreaming of for a long time. The Shameful Tiki Room, as it’s called, will be unveiled in the old Montmartre location at 4632 Main Street later this month. Tiki, hey? Even with The Waldorf currently off the radar following the big kerfuffle, it’s still pretty brave!

“Tiki is a completely unexplored piece of amazingly fun history here in Canada.” says Moore. “I’ve spent a lot of time in California exploring real Tiki culture (where it was born and still exists) and it’s extremely addictive!” And it shows. Moore dresses the part from head to toe, as does his Modern Bartender store. Here’s a photo of the store’s Tiki section at the back…

I don’t know anything about the chef at all except that his name is Michael Seville and that his focus will be narrowed squarely to skewers and other beach-themed nibbles. Beer, wine, and spirits will make appearances from the bar, but the overall draw – I suspect – will be an exotic cocktail list. We can expect original recipe Tiki-style drinks from Don the Beachcombers, Trader Vics, The Kon Tiki, and so on (non-alcoholic selections will be inspired by old soda fountain lore). Moore adds that he has resurrected something called “The Mystery Bowl”. Apparently, it’s “a drink for four that shows up to the table in a giant clam shell.” Tiki drinks aren’t exactly common these days, but The Shameful Tiki Room will have three bartenders (not including Moore) who are well trained in these particular Jedi arts. “Some of these cocktails have 11 carefully measured ingredients,” Moore reminds me. “They’re not for the faint of heart bartender.” Nor, one might add, for any impatient customer.

But why “Shameful”, and why Tiki? It turns out that Shameful Tiki is the name of Moore’s online clothing shop and his user name on internet forums and comment threads. Beyond that, he says, “Vancouver doesn’t need another sports pub or Irish pub. Here’s my chance to do something I’m passionate about and I’ll be the only one in the city knocking it out of the park.” Fair enough, and well said.

We won’t have long to wait for a test drive. The Shameful Tiki Room will open on March 22nd, 2013. You can catch Hang-Ten Hangmen surf rockers have signed on to play on three of the opening nights. They aim to be open every evening from 5pm until late (except Tuesdays). Stay up to date on the restaurant’s Facebook page.


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  1. Previously worked for Rod for about 9 years, and the work he puts in to everything (especially his Tiki endeavours – of which I haven’t witnessed but a tiny fraction) are a testament to his passion for life and what he does.

    Roddy, I know this will be an awesome ride for you, and I look forward to seeing you on opening night. Best of luck with everything!

    To everyone else, come pay a visit… You never know, you might love it! (I recommend the “Rum Barrel”)

  2. Looking forward to seeing the new Tiki Bar and listening to some Martin Denny Exotica.

  3. Sounds cool -but- as you mention, w/ The Waldorf and its historical (est. 1947) Tiki component, original ‘Leeteg’ velvet paintings and all (never mind Trader Vic’s) – I don’t think “completely unexplored” carries that much weight or validity, or lends proper cred to the recent Waldorf crew who painstakingly (and financially) put a lot of effort into preserving what was (and looks again to be) almost lost – Vancouver’s genuine nods to Tiki culture in the past.

  4. So looking forward to this! Vancouver really needs a TIKI BAR and this one will be great!

  5. Sounds awesome. Keep me posted about the opening etc. If I make the trip in from Vancouver to check out it I’ll need details. Thanks for posting it on facebook.

    I am a relative of Allen’s but it would be too complicated to explain how.

    Karen Gardner

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