DINER: Ex-Rodney’s Shucker Shawn Chesney Opening His “Oyster Express” In Chinatown

by Andrew Morrison | Former Rodney’s Oyster House super shucker Shawn Chesney is opening a joint of his own called Oyster Express at 296 Keefer in Chinatown (southwest corner of Keefer and Gore). The space was a cheap Chinese import shop that dealt in T-shirts and the like until Chesney and his partner Soran picked it up back in December. They’ve been hard at work ever since, and hope to have it open in the first week of April. I’ll have more details in my Westender column next week. Until then, take a look at the shots below with a squint and behold the wood-clad Aurora Bistro of yore, re-incarnated!

  • Oyster House
  • Oyster House
  • Oyster House
  • Oyster House
  • Oyster House
  • Oyster House
  • Oyster House
  • Oyster House | Shucking Bar
  • Oyster House
  • Oyster House
  • Oyster House
  • Oyster House
  • Oyster House
  • Shawn and Soran | Oyster House


There are 9 comments

  1. Nice!…in the same vein, does anyone have any insight into what if anything is happening with the ‘Only’? With all the great things happening on the east side of downtown, it is surprising that someone hasn’t picked it up…or have they?

  2. wow… Shawn hasn’t even opened yet and already gettin’ some ink…
    Shawn always said… If I build it they will clam!
    way to go guys… can’t wait to see your fanny bays…
    you guys are gonna rock Chinatown…
    she sheaaaahhh….

  3. Way To Go Shawn,
    It is always a pleasure to see young minds pick up where I began in the mid 80’s in Eastern Canada.

    I think it is a great compliment to have an Oyster vision.
    P/U the March issue, Shawn, of Food Arts, read the article titled JR’s Oyster Bar, it just might help you develop some great strategy on Oyster’n Up Vancouver.

    If we can be of help, I would lend you an ear.
    Again, all the best, maybe we can send you some great Eastern Oysters from our Farm, Rodney’s Oyster Depot, On PEI.
    Two rules:
    i) Don’t put the Oysters too close to the booze!
    ii)Give a good person a great Oyster and you will have them forever!

    We hope to visit when we come West, all the best Oysters to you!

    Rodney and The ROHCorp Crew!

  4. Round windows?

    Does he have any idea how local Cantonese speakers will refer to the place

  5. I’m fairly certain that the round windows already existed in that building, but what would Cantonese speakers say about it?

  6. They might say, “Ah, A Round Window, Oyster Joint!” . “Great Let’s Go In!”

    Q. Why are there always round images in the fisheries.
    A. Because, one solid reason, in the days of sail, fish, especially Oysters, traveled and were moved in barrels. The top of the barrel had a burlap/tarred burlap covering which was stenciled with a Fish Company’s name. That branding later moved into the fish markets and then was picked up by restaurants, etc. as a logo design, subliminally advertising Fish and Oysters

  7. Thank you for your interests and comments, everyone.

    It’s an honour to hear from you, Mr. Clark.
    Shawn is crazy busy now, but Rodney’s care motivate him work even harder now.
    He really wants to speak with you soon.

    By the way, we LOVE those round windows. 🙂
    We pretty much change the whole design except those round windows originally in there.


  8. Hey cuz, that is awesome, sounds like ur having a ball, good luck with the new gig. I will stop by when I hed west next winter. Bert

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