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3GPFOkep_400x400185 Keefer Street Vancouver, BC V6B 6L4
Telephone: 604.681.1695 | RESERVATIONS
Web: www.junipervancouver.com | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Open Daily: 4:00pm – Late | Happy Hour: 4:00pm – 5:30


  • Juniper - The Valley
  • Seared Fraser Valley Pork Chop with Poblano Chimmichurri
  • juniper_cocktail_rad-ish_02_lores
  • juniper_apple_pie_lores
  • Juniper - The Bird's Nest
  • East Van Bramble
  • Roasted Sunchoke and Chicory Salad
  • juniper_cocktail_juniper_lores
  • Juniper - Bar 3
  • Plowman's Charcuterie Board
  • Pina Faux-lada
  • Juniper - Bar 2
  • juniper_black_cod_lores
  • juniper_beets_knees_lores
  • Juniper - Bar 1
  • Aston Martini
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  • juniper_cocktail_rad-ish_lores
  • Beet's Knees



Owner: Lilian Steenbock
Bar Manager: Max Borrowman
Executive Chef: Josh Gale



Menu | A fresh and vibrant distillation of the Pacific Northwest, the 100-seat Juniper is a Cascadian-themed restaurant in the heart of Vancouver’s vibrant Chinatown neighbourhood. Craftsman-like quality and time-honoured traditions come together in a seasonally-inspired menu that embodies Chef Josh Gale’s deep respect for Canada’s shared culinary heritage.

Bar | Juniper’s central bar, helmed by internationally acclaimed bartender Shaun Layton, compliments the kitchen’s regional focus with a broad selection of local and international small-batch spirits, a revolving list of curated gin & tonics and a wine list highlighting West Coast vineyards from Northern California to B.C.