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Barge Chilling Beach

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Barge Chilling Park | place | After yet anotherunprecedented” climate event on November 15th, 2021, a barge became unmoored and washed up on Sunset Beach, temporarily closing the Burrard Street Bridge. Since then it has become a local cause célèbre, with a (rather suspect) parody Twitter account, as well as glowing reviews on Trip Advisor and Google. Although a classic example of gallows humour, there have been calls to leave it as a permanent testament to unchecked climate change.

Alternatively called “Large Barge” in homage to Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, and “Barge on the Beach”, referencing our local Shakespearian festival, Barge Chilling Beach is a riff on Dude Chilling Park, the cheeky art project by Viktor Briestensky (the Vancouver Parks Board made it somewhat official with a sign, calling it a “little holiday gift” to Vancouverites).

Usage: “Is Barge Chilling Beach a good first date or nah?”

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