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Do Your Part and See BC First

We travel-starved and isolated British Columbians should enter into a covenant with one another — that when this nightmare ends we commit to enjoying a local adventure before travelling anywhere else. Our province won’t be able to rely on a steady stream of international visitors for at least a couple of years, which means tourism-dependent businesses small and large will need to rely on us. And that’s not such a bad thing if we’re truly all in this together. When the good day finally comes and we are given the green light to travel safely and responsibly, let’s do our part and see BC first.

What are some of your favourite places that you’ll want to hit when normalcy returns? We’re stuck at home too and want to be inspired and uplifted by your shout outs and ideas for travel within BC. We envision this as a special photo series, so share on Instagram (via #seeBCfirst) some of your favourite places from around the province, whether it’s a beloved restaurant in Whistler, a special winery in the Okanagan, or a hotel on Vancouver Island. We’ll go first, and then it’s your turn!

This is an old shot of some bonfire good times at Bodega Ridge on Galiano Island. When this is over we’ll stay in one of the log cabins here, hike a little, swim some in the ocean (brr), maybe eat a feast at Pilgrimme, and definitely drink well into the night, snugly fireside with old friends.

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  1. The locals will freak out that you mentioned Galiano. They’re in full-on hate mode toward ‘off-islanders’, and I don’t expect that will change anytime soon. Galiano might be a beautiful place but It’s certainly not a friendly one.

  2. There’s a huge difference between small communities asking people not to come during this pandemic and travelling after. Haida Gwaii will welcome you with open arms once this is over, them asking you to not visit as they don’t have the resources to address the pandemic should it hit the islands is them trying to protect their residents

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We're stuck at home too and want to be inspired and uplifted by your shout outs and ideas for travel within BC.