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Caffè Artigiano




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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the best products and services. We will listen to our customers and the long term relationships we form are based on the highest possible levels of integrity and humility with a focus on training, education and impeccable quality. We will be creative and we will ultimately set the standard by which others are judged. Our Artisan methods will at all times, remain the cornerstone to our distinctive Italian tradition.

About Caffè Artigiano

Regarded as North America’s premier coffee-house chain, Caffè Artigiano launched in Vancouver in December 1999 with a vision of an Italian-style coffee house and bistro that offered superior coffee, excellent food and a lively-yet-comfortable atmosphere.

Today, the company famous for its stunning ‘latte art’—a unique rosetta, tulip or heart atop each cappuccino and latte served—offers a warm atmosphere rich with rustic-meets-contemporary Italian flare.

Of course, it all starts with the best beans. Caffè Artigiano sources and purchases only the finest coffee beans from select farms around the world, ensuring superior-quality coffee, espresso and lattes. From the handling, grinding and temperature control to roasting to perfection, in it’s state of the art roasting facility, Caffè Artigiano takes meticulous care of its beans so that all the flavours in the bean are maximized.

Join us for the coffee, the lattes and the espresso, and stay for the food and atmosphere. Caffè Artigiano offers an array Italian-inspired café fare made with only the highest-quality ingredients available. The menu includes made-to-order panini sandwiches, along with specialty baked goods such as fresh pastries, muffins and scones.

Stop by the Caffè Artigiano in your neighbourhood, there is a no better time stop in, sit back with a heart-topped cappuccino and a golden panini, and let yourself be transported to a bustling bistro in Italy (passport not required).


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