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2nd Annual Guggenheimer Dog Gobble At Gastown’s Pourhouse

On the heels of The Money Shot game comes the 2nd annual Guggenheimer Dog Gobble on Monday, December 6th at Pourhouse. The sponsors this year include us, Red Racer, Windsor Meats, and West Broadway’s db Bistro (where the competition founder and namesake Nathan Guggenheimer toils as chef de cuisine).

If you’ve never heard of the Dog Gobble, watch the video above from the inaugural last year. It’s a hot dog eating contest that welcomes those in the restaurant industry who dabble in the the competitive eating arts. Plus it’s a nice way for the trade to get together and drink some beer. Entry is $25. Last year’s winner was Maenam’s Taylor Corrigan, who defied the competition slogan of “May The Fattest Fucker Win!” by being wicked thin.

Read the rules, check out the glorious poster (spoiler: drunk hot dog leaking mustard) and find out how to sign up after the jump…



All hot dogs must be consumed orally. No exceptions.

No hot dog dunks in any beverage.

All hot dogs will consist of dog, bun, mustard, ketchup. You may not bring your own condiments.

Each hot dog is worth 5 points. If you eat half your hot dog you get 2.5 points. The points will be totaled up at the end of the 10 minutes by the judges to decide the winner.

Each contestant will start with 15 hot dogs in front of them. More will be provided as needed.

You will also be judged on the fashion of how you eat your dog, your clothing attire, and how you present yourself throughout.

If the time is up and you have a hot dog in your mouth it must be swallowed for it to count as an eaten hot dog.

There will be points deducted if bun is left on a contestant’s plate.

This is a shirt optional competition and you may lose or gain points based on the judges decision.

Pants optional…truly up to you…..although it is up to the judges to either drastically deduct or reward points to the contestant for such actions.

You are able to use 2 hands.

There is no vomiting during the competition. If you vomit you are disqualified. Plus people will laugh and point at you.

Any gestures, rude or witty, with hot dogs will either result in deduction or gratification of points to the contestant, depending on their worth in the eyes of the judges.

You must be an employee of either a restaurant or hospitality group in Vancouver to enter this competition.

There are no animals allowed! If you are an animal you will not be allowed to participate. No birds, lions, etc.

No drug enhancements of any sort within 3 hours of the competition. You bet we blood test. But not really.

For every 5 hot dogs you eat you will be offered a bonus pint worth 10 points. The pint must be finished to retain full points. All or nothing.

There are 2 bonus dogs worth 8 points each; the spicy dog, and the surprise dog. You will never guess what’s inside.

It is a $25 entry for all contestants.

The winner will receive his or her name placed on awesome annual dog gobble trophy trophy, plus a surprise.

All losers will be awarded nothing. At least you won’t need to eat dinner.

All contestants will receive a t-shirt (with Nathan’s face on it..yahhhh!), some hot dogs, a few laughs, a bunch of respect, beer, probably girls and no small amount of fame.

May the fattest fucker win.

Sign up to scarf a whole lotta dogs by emailing Nathan (natointhesquare[at]hotmail[dotcom]).

There are 5 comments

  1. If you want to compete you have to send me an email or comment on this post…Prefferably comment on this post. I need to know t-shirt sizes and where you are from in the industry. I have the same dancing (drunk) hotdog, a lot of liqour, some girls in hotdog shirts and a few other suprizes.

  2. Rio, dougie, Jimmy you are all goin down!!!!!!I have been training hard for this.

  3. Sorry everyone , but here’s the spoiler

    I’m going to win .. Plain and Simple 😉

    If any competitor can beat my number of points , I will personally buy them a pitcher of beer

  4. K get ready freaks!!!!! This comp was one bite away from being mine last year. This year I have something to eat for! I have to prove once and for all that “I am” the fatest fuk around bitches!!! 😉