Industry “Money Shot” Game To Launch At The Diamond On 29TH


We apologise if this upsets any would-be killer’s apple cart, but we’ve pushed back The Money Shot game by one week (from Nov. 22 to Nov. 29). The quasi-murderous good time will see up to 100 lunatics from Vancouver’s restaurant industry running around town slaughtering each other with squirt guns until there is but one champion left standing (who will receive a tidy cash sum). Based on the Spy vs Spy game that a lot of you played when you were youngsters, The Money Shot is going to be viciously awesome.

On Monday the 29th innocent bystanders, the curious and those who’ve already signed up (or are about to!) are invited down to The Diamond in Gastown for registration and some drinks. Arrive promptly at 5:30pm and expect to stay no later than 8:30pm. Everyone through the door who wants to play can submit an entrance fee of $20 and register their names, emails and places of work for the purpose of building their Target Dossier (TD). They will also have their photograph taken. When they leave, they will be emailed their first TD in secret, and then it’s GAME ON.

I think we’re already at 50 registrations, so put your name down today or forever regret it.

The rules…

Only people within the restaurant trade are invited to play. That includes everyone from servers and cooks to bussers and owners. Liquor reps and direct food suppliers are also invited.

– A player has seven days to take down a target. If that time expires, the player is disqualified and must forfeit/forward their target dossier (TD), which will be re-assigned.

– Each player must supply their own squirt gun. Long distance super soakers are allowed.

– Only water is allowed in a squirt gun (no exceptions).

– A player cannot take down a target within one block of the target’s home.

– A player cannot take down a target inside their place of work.

– A player can take down a target if that target enters the player’s place of work.

– If one drop of water from a player’s squirt gun hits the target, the target is considered “dead”.

– Every player must keep their TD on their person at all times.

– A player can NOT leave the city for more than 48 hours while the game is underway.

– A “dead” target must immediately hand over his own TD so that the victorious player can continue with a new target.

– A “dead” target must NOT reveal the identity of their assassin, on pain of public humiliation.

– Because of disqualifications, a player can (and likely will) be assigned multiple targets as the game goes on, with a seven day time limit for each. Players may also have multiple assailants.

– If the game is not over by 12:01am on February 1st, 2011, the surviving players will share the prize.

– The Committee must be immediately notified via email each time a target has been destroyed.

See who has already registered and register yourself in the comments here.

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