New Aburi Concept, WA! CURRY, Opening Soon in Downtown Vancouver

There’s a new restaurant concept from Aburi Restaurants slated for downtown Vancouver as soon as mid-March. If all goes well, WA! CURRY will be warming up bellies with wagyu beef and plant-based curries and stews, before Spring officially hits…

Wa! Curry, which get’s it’s name from the Japanese word “washoku” (simply meaning Japanese food and the harmonious nature of Japanese cuisine), will be taking over the front of the space at 622 West Pender Street, formerly home to Gyoza Bar, while the back portion of the space will continue to operate as Aburi’s commissary kitchen.

Wa! will be serving comforting yet elevated meals made using mostly local produce and premium ingredients counter service style. Although the new concept will likely be leaning heavily on take-out and delivery options for people who work nearby, there will also be a small number of seats will be available for dining in.

As for the menu: diners can expect three versions of curry including Iwate A5 Wagyu Curry, Vegan Keema Curry, and Iwate A5 Wagyu Curry Stew (with carrots, potatoes, celery, onions) – hungry folks dipping in for a quick and satisfying, mid-day meal or snack can also load up with a whole shebang of extra toppings and sides, such as pork katsu, hamburg steak, Japanese fried chicken, various fried seafoods, brussels sprouts, potatoes, sweet potatoes, crispy tempeh, and more, all made in-house.

Wa! Curry will be open Monday to Friday, from Noon to 5pm. Stay tuned for more details and an opening date announcement.

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