Bricklayer Brewing’s Megan McDonald Names Her Three Most Haunting Albums

Photo of Megan by Alexandra Pahl

Definitive Records asks interesting Vancouverites to scour their sonic-led memories to pull out the three albums anchoring their musical tastes.

Music is a big deal at Bricklayer Brewing in Chilliwack – all of their beers have music-inspired names. This is at least half-owing to music mega-fan and co-owner, Megan McDonald, who thinks back to her high school days to name the three albums that have haunted her ever since. Says McDonald: “I’ve still got the original CDs and heck yes they helped form who I am today.”

Fiona Apple | Tidal

I grew up in a smallish town in Northern BC, and I had almost graduated by the time the mall finally got a little HMV store. Before then, I would read music reviews in The Province and ask my dad to buy me CDs whenever he went to Vancouver. When I was in the seventh grade, he came home with Tidal. I think I was simultaneously going through an Alanis Morissette phase, but Fiona Apple hit a bit deeper for me – the album was hardcore, sad and ANGRY, and I loved it.

Ms. Lauryn Hill | The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

I have zero recollection of how I got my hands on this album – it must have been sometime in the very late 90s. Hip Hop wasn’t happening in my world yet…And then this fucking album came along. I love its strength and the theme of love – and really absolutely everything about it.

Jurassic 5 | Quality Control

Fast forward to Grade 11: I’m in a friend’s basement listening to their older brother’s music and on goes the new Jurassic 5 album. It’s pure fun for me. This one also got recorded onto a cassette that I played to death in a little old pickup truck throughout my early adulthood.

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