Caffè La Tana Hosting Head Chef Vish Vaishnav for Saturday ‘Riposo’ Wine Tastings

The Goods from Caffè La Tana

Vancouver, BC | A ‘riposo’ is what Italians call their afternoon break—a chance to unwind and catch a breeze during the hottest part of the day. If you find yourself on Commercial Drive midday on a Saturday, step into Caffè La Tana for a complimentary wine tasting, in the spirit of ‘riposo’, hosted by La Tana and Pepino’s head chef and certified wine professional, Vish Vaishnav.

Chef Vish will pair each wine from La Tana’s selection with simple bites from the alimentari: think shaved aged Parmigiano drizzled with decadent Muglio pine syrup, or a beautiful summer bruschetta.

Afterwards, enjoy a glass of vino with lunch al fresco on the patio, leisurely exploring the hand-selected bottles in the bottle shop. Expect a small, thoughtful collection of Italian wines—mostly organic, natural, or biodynamic—chosen by Savio Volpe GM/Wine Director Lisa Cook and sourced from independent producers who focus on native varieties.

Sip some wine, enjoy a bite, and take it easy for an afternoon. Every Saturday at Caffè La Tana from noon to three, no reservations required.


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