33 Brewing Experiment, Thank You Pizza Collaborate on New ‘Tangerine Tart’ Beer

The Goods from 33 Brewing Experiment

Come one, come all, we’re releasing our latest Tangerine Tart treat in collaboration with our friends, Thank You Pizza. Wednesday, April 14th from 3-8 at our tasting room, Thank You Pizza, will be down slinging pies in celebration. Lets all be safe, take our time, practice social distancing. We only have so many tables to seat, but there is a very large park just down the road, which would make for quite the nice picnic pizza party with your bubble. Come hang, #wetryourbest

Thank You B33r
5.9% ABV
4 x 473ml

You’re enjoying the result of the world class joint Thank You Pizza getting together with Team 33 to make the ideal pizza and beer combination. Fruity, lightly sour, refreshing, and tasty with sourdough crust, aged mozzarella and a delicate sauce. #wetryourbest

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