Legends Haul Can Deliver All Your Easter Essentials Right to Your Door

The Goods from Legends Haul

Vancouver, BC | Easter Dinner, delivered. Easter is right around the corner, and Metro Vancouver’s one-of-a-kind home grocery delivery service Legends Haul is providing all of your Easter essentials right to your front door.

Legends Haul has fresh JD farms specialty turkeys, holiday hams, vegetables, sides, desserts, brunch essentials, and 19+ beverages all in one place.

Bonus, you can also get all of your hunt essentials via the Legends Haul team as well! They have all-natural egg dying kits, sidewalk chalk, finger paint, and more! They also have the obvious essentials, aka chocolate + the entire Beta5 Intergalactic Easter collection.

The Easter bunny is real, so make sure you browse and pre-order here.

To learn more about Legends Haul and to order, please visit www.legendshaul.com.

About Legends Haul | Legends Haul specializes in delivering consciously sourced food ingredients to individuals, restaurants and retailers. The Legends team believes in contributing to a world where supporting your local farmer, producer, and restaurant is a way of life. Where supporting diversity, equality, and environmental sustainability isn’t something they just talk about, but something they do.

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