33 Acres Brewing Co. Introduces ’33 Acres of Ocean’ in Cans

The GOODS from 33 Acres Brewing Co.

Vancouver, BC | Introducing 33 Acres of Ocean cans. Same great flavour, now available in cans — available from our tasting rooms, web store, and stockists throughout B.C.

This is a full flavoured beer integrated with a distinct hops giving it a quality unique to our Pacific Northwest surroundings. This style is evolutionary from our Nirvana IPA with a lower alcohol content as well as bright malt, citrus forward hop aromatics and lighter body and finish. This beer has a refined quality and a refreshing temperament.

We’ve used ingredients harvested near the Pacific Ocean including classic West Coast hops. Substantive hop flavour and subtle malt lift the aromatics to the foreground for an intense hop wave and a crisp finish. Typically consumed in good company amid the Pacific and pine.

Style: West Coast Pale Ale
Colour: Straw
Alcohol: 5.3% by volume
Aroma: Floral hops, starfruit and tangerine
Flavour: Bright malt, orange, pomelo and pine

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